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florida flagstone veneer


LawnSite Silver Member
Cocoa Florida
guys, I am wanting to add some class to my own house. I have a sidewalk (cement) that looks fairly crappy so I figured I could liven it up by veneering it with florida native flagstone.

First question:
how does one properly do this over an existing cement slab?
I assume you would cement or thinset it in and then grout it?

second question:
I also want to "T" into this with a second walkway that is currently just grass. I really don't want to put in another cement sidewalk, wait for that to cure and repeat the solution to question 1.
I am thinking I should install it like one would with pavers. crushed rock base, then sand then flagstone.
My question becomes, will that create a problem butting up to the cement base walkway?
Will it look weird or rednecked having the two different techniques?
If so, is there a way to reduce that disparity?

Any better ideas?

thanks in advance for any ideas and help.


LawnSite Silver Member
Cocoa Florida
bump, anyone have any ideas?