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I have had my eye on the 44" lazer as a backup at that price, and I could sell the trailer and other gear and not have a lot in it. But now it will probably be bid up too high for that. But actually a 17hp smaller displacement engine on that mower seems a little weak. They jump way up in torque when you go to their 19/21/23hp engines.

The lesco could have 2,000 hours on it for all we know. Not a great deal necessarily. Replacing the engine if needed might almost cost what the mower itself cost.

For that reason I stick to buying nearly new used mowers, or, machines that are sold "as is" and already need new parts, so that's factored in the price already. You never know with an older machine. An engine and a couple of hydro components needing replacement could have you sinking more in it than a new one.