Florida, in 1 month you can't apply fert's, solutions please

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by ICT Bill, Apr 30, 2009.

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    Hey Tree I manage a sag sod farm in northest louisiana on some sandy ground. I would be interested in some of your management practices if you would care to share. And how the he@# do you control bermudagrass in it.
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    ok so it started out as a bagass dump and then had some green waste dumped on it in 04, after that it sat for years, we then disk the area several times per month for 4 months, after that we did the irrigation ditch thing and sprigged the whole 100+ acres with 48000, sqf of sod that got broken down to sprigs, after that its a " if you see a weed then you kill the whole area" type system, on dandy or crab grass and there is a burned spot in the turf for days, the SAG just takes over... we pump in water to bring the table to about 12 inches from the top of the blades 4 times a month and top dress with a manure spreader, if tea is needed then its just use a water truck on loan and run the rows with a 1:10 tea water ratio. weed pressure was bad the first year but as of the last year we have had little to do. we mow at 5 inches except for the harvest fields that get taken to 4 and then 3 inches weeks before the the old cut and roll or stack to 450sqft pallets..... the som is almost 26% and the p is real good thats about it save for sulfur@ 22 lbs per acre once......
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    oh I dont F around with organic weed killer its 7%mix of 41% gly on the stuff that I want dead TODAY!!!!!! BUT NO PRE M!!!!!

    the soil when from beach sand to black as coal..............
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    thanx for the response tree. Bermuda is giving us fits right now. I've tried and tried to get the owner to mow at 4-5 inches but he don't wanna listen. He'd rather spend tons on prograss which to me doesn't seem very effective. Wish i could find a waste stream to make some good post for topdreesing too. What variety do y'all grow?
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    At what NPK level does it become a fertilizer and not a soil amendment?.
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    It all depends on which state you are registering in they all have different interpretations, we have to register in every state that we sell in and everyone is a little different

    (I think) in Florida if you add up the NPK and it does not make up 24% then it could be registered as a specialty fertilizer or soil amendment
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    I've been audited twice in the last 4 years by the same state of Ohio pesticide agent, and he's never said word one about the non-fertilizer labeling on the meal bags.
    He did ask me once about vermin, though.
    I told him we have a family of cats happily at work (which, is 100% true!) :)

    I guess each state has its own level of enforcement.
    Most of these agents are stretched so thin these days in terms of the territory they have to cover, it doesn't surprise me at all that some of them might intentionally overlook stuff like this.
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    Imagine the possibilities... if LCOs actually thought about what you just said... :)
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    In New Jersey, LCO's are being drug by the nose into this mentality. They have passed laws, Barry knows this better, to enforce IPM practices

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