Florida, in 1 month you can't apply fert's, solutions please

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by ICT Bill, Apr 30, 2009.

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    The big problem there - is when gov't decides what is needed, when its needed and how its applied... we will all be put in another box. No independant thought or innovation.

    One idea fits all according to what ever bureaucrat has read or heard from some one who has never actually done anything... only studied about it...

    Its like our prez analysing the working class problems and deciding what's best for them...
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    I guess you liked corprate welfare and the raping of the middle class better?
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    :laugh: Oh, I am sure everyone does. :laugh:

    I'll bet you are one of those people that believe there is a difference between a D and an R.

    They want to ban P because it is getting in the water cycle.
    :laugh: what does it do... leach? :laugh:
    Smart - Real smart...

    We were discussing the practice of LCO's actually understanding what Kiril said about sensible management of lawn and landscape. I continue to see stupidity in LCO actions and excuses for it.
    That is what necessitates gov't involvement, which inevitably increases the greater stupidity.
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    hey guys......there is a politics forum, go discuss it there
    JEEZ so local state and federal gov. is screwed up...........who knew :laugh:

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