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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Ric, Feb 17, 2006.

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    Yo I am a 65 year old Certified Pesticide Operator in SW Florida that retired a year ago. As a former LCO I enjoyed the benefit of having a Pesticide license that really helped me get full service accounts at good margins.

    I would now like to do some part time pest control mainly weed control and insects for other LCO. BTW I still have my Cab Over spray Trucks. How can I best hook up with LCOs in the Sarasota, Charlotte, Lee and Desoto Counties??? what type of arrangement should I make with them?? I am afraid that Florida State laws won't allow certain types of Business deals to exist. I am willing to offer a share of my margin to the LCO. I know for a fact both the LCO and myself can benefit from networking. The Biggest problem comes in Gettiing a LCO to Reconize the benefit of networking with a commercial licensed pesticide company. How can I best present my wares to them??

    BTW Any of you New guys here might want to do a search under my name. I have posted a lot of technical information on this site over the years. I have been a teacher in both Turf Management and Plant Science.
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    Damn... I wish you were over here:cry:

    The FL pesticide licensing procedure is :realmad:

    There seems to be no provision for a regular person to get one unless working for someone else or spending years and $$$$$ on college:mad:

    Meanwhile, TruBrown hires some kids, runs them through a crash course and it's OK to spray.

    Looks like the best I can hope for is a limited license in a couple more years. I'm more interested in building a full service, one call biz than doing strictly apps.
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    i could use your services if you where in hills. county.
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    I must agree with the rest of the guys, "I wish you lived here."
    Listen the most important part of lawn care from a customer part and a maintenance part is fertilization. Don't get me wrong maintenance is important, but with your license you can make a decent lawn into the best lawn on the street legally.

    But to answer your questions drive around passing out your cards to LCO operators in your area. Explain to them the VALUE of the service you provide. It's been my experience in business that the more service you can do the less likely that customer will leave you. In the banking industry they call it "Wallet Share."
    You mean you can get rid of my customers weeds and give them a healty lawn. Wow, How could you not agree. Give me a call I have some more ideas 954-786-5350
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    If you would come up here to Hernando County I could "GIVE" you 50 - 60 accounts. A couple of my friends would do the same. That's how disgusted we are with the applicators up here. There's plenty of spray companies up here but they only do a good job for a couple of years, then grow and once they get to a certain size they turn to $hit. If I were younger I'd get my applicators license but at 55 it's a little late in the game to start.
  6. Ric

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    You are about 125 to 150 miles north of me and of course I couldn't economically service your area. However you understand the benefit of Networking. By being able to offer one stop shopping you can better fill the customers needs. Not only do you make a bigger margin off that customer, but your service is more desirable to other customers.

    Since I went out of business after the hurricanes I have done basically nothing. However with rising costs of living, I am now looking for Part time income. I am sure I made a lot of LCO in my area both Mad and Jealous because I had all the Licenses and grew rather large very quickly. At age 65 I am not looking to take all the business like I did before. Physically I am health but mentally I am burned out and only desire to help those who want to increase their business with one stop shopping.

    I will contact Sean Adams about possibly advertising a seminar on LS for Florida Limited Pesticide operator that want to learn over the top weed control and Ornamental pest control. I can also get a list of all Limited Pesticide Operators from the state and send them postcards to advertise such a seminar. I have not written up such a seminar but since I once had a nursery and still do over the top weed control it would be easy for me to write a lesson plan. But just like anything the more seminars I put on the better I would become at it.
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    My suggestion would be to set up a program for teaching the roundup test. Get in touch with the local ag office and see about setting uup that kind of business. PM me and I can give you the information of the guy who taught my class. He has it down. Easy money IMO.

    He has the class at the ag extension then at the end of the day, an ag person comes in and administers the test. 90% pass rate.
  8. Turf Technologies

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    I do the same with someone in my county for pest control and it works great.
  9. Ric

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    I was at my buddies house for dinner two Sundays ago and he is CEU certified. I have always had a love of teaching but there really isn't any money in it. At my age I need something to keep my mind sharp and a little pin money. So teaching seminars really appeals to me. I know how to get CEU certified and think I can do it. But the county extension agent already does a great job of get people to pass very cheap. Passing the test and knowing what you are doing in the field is two different things.

    Does the limited Pesticide test teach you how to spray over the top and kill weeds growing in Jumpier??

    Does the Limited pesticide test teach you to cure fungus on a plant??

    Does the Limited Pesticide test teach you how to fertilize plants for the best response??

    I might not know is all by any mean. But I do have a lot of knowledge and experience in the field. BTW making teaching look easy mean a lot of preparing. Of course anything you do over and over again gets easier.

    Turf Tech
    By working together you can better serve the customer and have a lot better looking lawn and landscape. My theory is the LCO is the boss and scouts the property each time is there. He is responsible for calling the PCO do take care of any problem that might arise between treatment. For that reason the LCO should get a piece of the PCO pie. I think you will find the better LCO will be hooked up with a good PCO.

    The reason I went back college was because a PCO once told I had no idea what having a PCO could do for my business. I now know and can tell you my lawn service business grew by leaps and bounds. I am 65 years old and I am have no desire to do the labor or stress of maintenance again. I had Great employees, but they were a cause of stress at times. BTW my Employees bought me out when I retired.
  10. Precision

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    All I can say to that is the guy charges $125 per person. we had over 80 people in the class ($75 or recert). 8 hour day and call it $6000 and nothing for rent or other major expenses. I would call that decent. one class a month and clear $3000 (worst case). Can't be too bad.

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