Florida News for 2005

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    >> THE STORY: A Miami Beach 10-year-old was forced to shut down her cookies and lemonade stand, which she opened to help raise money for tsunami victims, because she did not have an occupational license. WPLG-10, Miami

    >> A 15-year-old Port Orange high schooler faced criminal mischief complaints and was sent to an arbitration hearing after tossing a half-eaten Milk Dud from his mother's moving car, sending it flying into another driver's windshield. Daytona Beach News-Journal

    >> A Taylor County special education student bites a teacher during a scuffle; the teacher bites back and is suspended. WPLG-10, Miami


    >> An Estero high schooler was given five days' suspension after saying "I love booty" on an in-school television broadcast. Fort Myers News-Press

    >> Broward County police go undercover at a funeral to arrest the deceased's grandson - who, in a case of mistaken identity, happens to be the wrong suspect. South Florida Sun-Sentinel

    >> Terry "Hulk Hogan" Bollea's family spars with local officials when his neighbors complain about his menagerie of 25 pets, including Lily the rooster.St. Petersburg Times


    >> A Longboat Key psychiatrist is sentenced to 10 weekends in jail for committing her neighbor, with whom she'd feuded over street lights and dog poop, to a mental health clinic. wftv.com, Orlando

    >> A man robs a Key West credit union with a pitchfork, then gets apprehended trying to board a getaway ferry. Tallahassee Democrat


    >> A 56-year-old Coconut Creek man is arrested for jogging in the nude; he told police he'd been doing it for a year and no one had complained. Bradenton Herald

    >> A Lee County school bus driver jumps into a street brawl involving her daughter, leaving her bus running and full of students. Fort Myers News-Press

    >> The Environmental Protection Agency cancels a controversial program that would have paid Duval County families $970 and a camcorder in exchange for testing the effects of pesticides on children. Wired/Associated Press

    >> A Broward County man is arrested for shooting his 1994 Chrysler Lebaron; "I'm putting my car out of its misery," he says. tbo.com, Tampa

    >> An Orange County school bus driver is reassigned by her bosses after being arrested for street racing with her children and other teens. WKMG-6, Orlando


    >> Indian River County officials attempt to n.jpgy residents of hurricanes and other emergencies via e-mail, only to have America Online filter the messages as spam. Florida Today

    >> Police dispatch a bomb robot to disassemble a suspicious package near Interstate 75 in Lee County, only to discover that the package is actually a foot-long plastic ***** wrapped in duct tape, with the words " Happy Father's Day" scrawled on the outside. Fort Myers News-Press

    >> A New Port Richey woman pulls a gun on her Best Buy television repairman and says, "You're not leaving until the TV is fixed." St. Petersburg Times


    >> A Delray Beach busboy stumbles upon Jimmy Buffett's missing cell phone, which contained phone numbers for Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Harrison Ford, George Clooney and Bill Gates, among others; he's busted after crank calling Clinton while stoned. Palm Beach Post

    >> The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, despite having few sidewalks, crosswalks and wheelchair ramps, wins an award for pedestrian safety ... because it was the only applicant. St. Petersburg Times

    >> A Jacksonville man was arrested after leaving pot as a tip for his Starbucks waitress. Jacksonville.com


    >> In an apparent rush for gasoline before Hurricane Dennis, a Florida woman allegedly slammed her recreational vehicle into a car after skipping past some 60 cars at a gas station in Alabama. First Coast News, Jacksonville

    >> Attorneys for Debra LaFave, the teacher accused of having sex with a student, argue that their client should not go to jail because " to place an attractive young woman in that kind of hell hole is like putting a piece of raw meat in with the lions." Tampa Tribune

    >> After a 69-year-old Pompano Beach woman calls to complain of a " newborn baby"-sized iguana in her commode - "It was like Jurassic Park in my toilet!" she said - wildlife officials decide iguana control in South Florida is impossible. World Peace Herald/United Press International

    >> A 32-year-old Walt Disney World employee is charged with exposing himself to people walking by his house by standing naked in the window and shining a flashlight on his privates. WKMG-6, Orlando


    >> A Seminole teen is bitten by a bat that flies into her car window. WTSP-10, Tampa-St. Petersburg

    >> The Florida Aquarium stages a fundraising dinner with sushi as the main course; "That's like serving poodle burgers at a dog show," says a PETA spokeswoman. Tampa Tribune

    >> A Marion County man is arrested after lying about telling police he'd killed a hitchhiker and stashed the body in the woods; the lie was an attempt to convince his wife to divorce him. WKMG-6, Orlando

    >> A 22-year-old Tampa man is arrested after putting a fake police light on his car and pulling over another driver ... who happens to be a real undercover police officer, who arrests the man for having cocaine in his car. Tuscaloosa News


    >> Two Jacksonville men are arrested following complaints that a pornographic DVD the men were watching in their car was visible to passersby on the road.First Coast News, Jacksonville

    >> A new law allowing Florida residents greater freedom to use their gun in the event of a conflict sparks a gun control group to place ads in foreign newspapers warning potential travelers to "Use special caution in arguing with motorists on Florida roads."The Scotsman


    >> An elderly Homosassa man was arrested after allegedly ramming his lawn mower into another man's lawn mower, leaving the victim covered in blood and grass clippings.St. Petersburg Times

    >> Two Tamarac Walgreens employees get into a brawl over who could microwave their soup first, leading one woman to allegedly stab the other. Miami Herald

    >> The Doral Academy Firebirds, a high school football team in Miami-Dade County, decide to cancel their 2-year-old football program midway through the 2005 season after being outscored 299-0 in six games. The Keynoter


    >> A man dressed as "Belligerent Drunk Man" is arrested at a Clay County Halloween party for brawling with a man dressed as the Green Lantern. WJXT-4, Jacksonville

    >> Tampa police arrest 10 men on charges of operating a mobile strip club, including dancers, bouncers and alcohol sales, in a mobile home parked outside Raymond James Stadium before a Bucs game.tbo.com


    >> A Tampa woman sued a Carolina Panthers cheerleader after the cheerleader allegedly punched the woman following a public-bathroom sex escapade with a fellow Panthers cheerleader at Channelside. WTSP-10, Tampa-St. Petersburg

    >> Middle School students in Jacksonville became alarmed and contacted school officials when they noticed their substitute teacher snorting cocaine during class. (9News, Denver)

    >> A Sarasota family calls for help when they discover a stoned screech owl living in their Christmas tree. "The owl's feathers smelled very, very potently like marijuana," says a bird sanctuary official South Florida Sun-Sentinel
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    The I love Booty remark was supporting one of the schools athletes. I believe she is a soccer player and her nickname is booty. Silly how someone can take a remark wrong and the kid had to pay for it.

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