Florida Palm Trees

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    I like the silver Bismark. The Washys look good but are very messy. I also like any date palm if the a kept up . Date palms are a pain to trim, seems like anytime you get poked by them the pain last for days. Royal palms are awesome also,just don't thrive in my area.
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  2. yamadooski

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    Im in Tampa also. This is all the palms you could come up with after 3 pages?
    I had a huge variety in my yard until this years freeze.
    I did come up with a proven method to keep even the tallest of cold sensitive palms alive during palm killing temperatures.
    THere is even a 14' triple Foxtail in North Tampa in Tampa Palms that made it through 13 nights of 26 degrees. Why because I told my customer how to take care of it. He loved it so much that we put another 16' single in his back yard.
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    Found this thread, cool thread, get to look at trees that I don't see around these parts.
    Shall I start a maple or ash thread for northerners??
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    At least maples and ash are actually trees......palms are not trees at all.....they are more like grass

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