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    Down here you must have at least 3 years in the lawn/lanscaping business to even take the test to get certified. I only have a little over 2 so I have to wait a while longer. I guess I can't understand the 3 years part. I have no problem being tested and want to do the right thing but can't. I was told by someone all you have to do is get a company to write a notorized letter and say you worked for them to make up the difference in time needed. No Way. If I can't do it the LEGAL way then I will bite the bullet and wait. I'm sure there are a lot of people out there spraying, that shouldn't be.
  2. You can take the test in PA then transfer to FLA ASAP.
    If you have a certification from PA you can get in the game right now.

    Might be able to do the same thing with some states closer to you.
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    In Florida, if you have no degree, you need 3 years experience(ID card holder) under a certified operator with to qualify for the test. Or 1 year experience with a degree in a related field such as botany if your going to take the L&O exam. If you come from out of state with a certification you need 1 year experience under a certified operator to qualify for the test. When you are qualified with the experience study hard the failure rate is presently 85-90%. Very hard. Good Luck

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