Florida Tree Hugger's Ban Fertilizer

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by Ric, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. Ric

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    The Town of North Port, Florida has passed a Law effective now.

    No Nitrogen or Phosphate Fertilizer of any kind may be applied between June 1st and Sept 30 to any turf.

    I guess it is time to go in the plastic turf business:dizzy:

    PS. I have no accounts in the city of North Port but look for the idiots to start a domino effect.
  2. Whitey4

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    The idiots will repeal it when their chit goes brown.

    I hope.
  3. tamadrummer

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    That is the way of the world now. Just ban it and make more laws.

    On another note, Sta-green (The stuff a lot of guys here bought pallets of because Lowe's blew it out) has changed its formulation to not include any Phosphates.

    I grabbed a few of the left over bags of weed/feed for $3.00 a bag and I will use them in my yard for the next couple of years in the fall and early spring.

    Anyway, I wonder if they dropped the phosphate because of these laws or because they know we don't really need it here?


    Have you used just K in the heat of summer? There is a nursery that sells a 0-0-8 with micros for summer use.
  4. humble1

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    from MA
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    what about organics are they banned or does it specify synthetic fert. I would just apply corn meal and some of the other meals as a source of N and then use control products and charge big bucks.
  5. Greg Amann

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    Absolutely nuts!

    There are many other counties looking at doing this throughout the state.

    I can see staying off of the phosphorus applications as most areas in our state have sufficient amounts in the soil occuring naturally. Our regular turf program is phosphorus free.

    I guess they will be able to throw out a good portion of the HOA's by-laws related to keeping up your St. Augustine lawns, since most of the lawns will go to crap with NO nitrogen for 4 months.

    Hope the wacko's stay out of our area of the state.
  6. wooley99

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    At a FL Roundup license class in Oct. the extension agent and Ag inspector were talking about upcoming state requirements for limiting N and/or P and application metering/documentation of rates per 1000. I did a search of the state sites at the time but didn't come up with much.
  7. ted putnam

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    Good idea. I don't care where customers live. They still want to keep up with the Jones's. Hey Ric, Start your own "Domino effect" and clean up on new aacounts
  8. Whitey4

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    Roc said "of any kind". That by definition would include corn gluten meal. Worm castings. I wonder it there is a loophole though. Who is going to know if you bring in some top dressing that has fert in it? Would treated top dressing be considered a fertilizer?
  9. Ric

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    Unlike many people here, You can Read and Understand:clapping:

    Yes all Forms of N & P. BTW that includes the Tree Hugger Junk for those too foolish to understand that elements are elements no matter what form they take.

    Talking with the state employee who told e about the ban, He doesnt agree with it and said he and the U of F fought with the City of North Port to make it a more realist law. He also said St Johns County has a similar law and can't enforce it. But North Port has always been a Up Tight Community and is the only Interstate Hwy Speed trap in the country list by the AAA. To cut grass in North Port you need only a Occupational license for $ 17.00. But to trim Shrubs you need a City license for $100.00 and Workman's comp and liability insurance as well as their test for a certificate from them. Needless to say no one wants to do work there legally and pay the $100.00. In the case of Pesticide Companies they can not over ride the state and charge a license fee. They do request that Pesticide Companies register with them and I have basically told them to pound salt. They have more stupid laws than a Christmas Turkey and I try and stay away from that town like the plague.
  10. gregory

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    You got one hell of a county up there ric..some people have there head in there ass...

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