Florida Zoysia Cutting Height

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Cboy7, May 13, 2010.

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    Hey whats the best height for cutting florida zoysia? I have a yard with it in back and it is super brown and have been cutting at 3 1/2 and now 4 1/4

    does it need to be taken down to 3 to encourage new growth??
  2. rob7233

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    Your Zoysia is indeed drought tolerant if you don't mind the brown! That is the mechanism by which it survives - it goes dormant in as little as two weeks but is slow to green back up. The misleading marketing on it implies that it's drought tolerant so people think they don't have to water it and it will still stay green. It does survive for sometime without water unlike St. Augustine but Zoysia will go dormant as soon as 15 days, whereas Floratam will start to die back at around 30 days without water.

    Please don't even think to fertilize, to try to push it. Not only does that increase the water demand within the plant, the fert won't be taken up if the lawn has gone dormant. Zoysia is prone to fungus and fertilizer isn't "lawn medicine". Fungicides are relatively expensive and it will take multiple applications to stop the spread.

    The trouble wasn't so much the cutting height but lack of supplemental irrigation. Recommended cutting height is 2-3" depending on the variety. Cut higher if the lawn is under stress.

    Empire can be cut with a standard rotary mower (with sharp blades) because of it's broader leaf blades and open growth habit. Most other Zoysia varieties should be cut with a reel mower to look best. Now go to your local mower shop to buy a commercial reel mower ..... :laugh: :drinkup:
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  3. Cboy7

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    excellent answer, Thank you sir
  4. unkownfl

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    I cut here at 3 inches on the setting on my mower I will have to measure it because I think it is around 2.5 inches. You will need to cut it two times in a week to get it down to that height.
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