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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by mjstef, Aug 28, 2013.

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    Measuring yesterday, the MP 3000 rotator 360* covers right at 50' diameter at 3.29 GPH. The 3500's cover a radius of around 35 feet. They also don't "mist off" in our windy conditions here. I have a mixture of MP300 & 3500 in each zone. High pressure nozzles would just send the water floating on the wind to the neighbors pasture.......
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    It's really just another job in a locale where installers might well be advised to have a machine with a rotary "earth saw" attachment to deal with tough conditions.
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    18gpm through 1" poly is about 3gpm above the recommended velocity rating of the pipe. Every well installer I have ever dealt with shamelessly undersizes the supply line coming from the pump stating that the minimal amount of pipe that they are using will not make a difference. A bottleneck is a bottleneck where I learned how to design. A system flowing 18gpm should have utilized an 1 1/4" mainline/manifolds with 1 1/4" trunk line after the valve splitting the zone in the middle.
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    How are you getting that distance out of the mp. 3000. Everything I see shows only 20-30' out of them
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    20-30' RADIUS (1 side) is correct but the 360 cover CIRCUMFERENCE (full circle).

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