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Flow Meter


LawnSite Silver Member
I was picking up one of those cute little one yarder concrete trailers today. They were mixing the concrete using this little water meter on a 3/4" pipe connection. It looked like a handy quick changing device.

When we have to use a meter from the purveyor they are more cumbersome.



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This one is $300 something? I just did a quick check.

Seemed reasonable. Like I said easier then the ones we hook to fire hydrants, but again those are fire hose thread with adapters, etc.


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fire hose thread with adapters, etc.

Funny thing bout that...

History Channel had a story on about measurements and related standards. In the early 1900's or so, major fire in Maryland burnt like 1500 buildings. MD called in help from surrounding cities and states, but the threads and sizes of their equipment wouldnt mesh with MD's hydrants, thus 1500 buildings go down.

And hence, NIST- National Institute of Standards and Technology was born.

Sorry for the sidebar. Nice meter!