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    Lets say you are installing a 2 flower beds in front of a house. One flower bed on each side of the walkway the runs to the front door. I always seem to take to long getting the border that I have marked out on one side of the sidewalk transferred to the other side. The border on the left typically will have the same contour as the one on the opposite side. Is their an easier way to transfer the border on the left to border on the right. By border I mean where the grass stops, and the bed begins. I have tried the using a garden hose, which helps in the initial layout of 1 side, but as far as getting a identical match on the other side it is not much help. I was just wonderig how those of you who do this type work often go about keeping the contour of the borders of side by side beds identical? Thanks for any ideas.
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    I would use a garden hose , stakes, or any other type of markers you may have. Establish your first bed lines on one side of the sidewalkwith the hose. Measure from the outside edge of the sidewalk to the established bed lines, then go the same distance on the opposite side of the sidewalk. Drive in your markers and lay the hose along the markers to achieve the smooth contor of the bed. Hope this helps. I always measure beds and distances between plants when I am installing symetrical designs.
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    This seems like a lot -but is really simple to do and you get faster at it.
    I do a lot of design/build and sometimes I have to do this three times or more during a job to build to a blueprinted plan.

    Use a measuring tape, pencil and paper. Draw a rough sketch of the walkway and flower bed on one existing side. Then take as many radius measurements as you need, say, every two feet along the length of the walkway from the street to the house, and take them at a 90 degree angle from the walkway for each point.

    Then go to the other side, measure two feet from the sidewalk and place a dot -use spray marking paint, or stakes, a small rock, and measure for each point on your drawing, and mark them - paint a point where each measurement comes out perpendicular from the walkway -you should have a pretty close copy of the other side. And, make sure you have a center measurement for farthest part of any ard from the walkway. I use paint to then connect the dots, so to speak, and it is easily correctable .. . also use the water-based marking paint -the upside down can type.
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    That is a great idea. Thanks alot I appreciate the info.

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