Flower bed out of stone?

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Whitaker24, Aug 17, 2011.

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    Looking to take down the hammer in edging, and want to install a stone "wall". The area is 18.5 feet long on one side. Im using the house foundation as the other side. The lowest point will be about 3 inches high, and the highest and the end point will be 8 inches. How do I figure how much stone I will need? I think the stacking retaining wall blocks will work best.
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    Personally I wouldn't so through the effort of building a wall for such small height changes. Simply slope the ground if possible so all you need is 3 inches along the whole length and put something like Permacon Celtic Mega curb.

    This will be way more cost effective and much easier to install.
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    for something this small you simply Devide the diamention of the block your useing into the lengh of your project foe exhample if your useing 1x8 block you will need 18 1/2 pieces
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    haha this made me laugh

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