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  1. pilotcoplawnboy

    pilotcoplawnboy LawnSite Member
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    Quick question. What do you guys in the south usually put down in flowerbeds before you apply pine needles or mulch? Also how far should you cut down to remove the existing grass? Thanks.
  2. devildog

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    On existing or new depends entirely on what we've quoted and or recommended (that being soil amendments, fert, tilling, annuals perennials). If its existing and we've worked it a few times, generally speaking, we plant in the straw, with soil amendments and top dress w/ fert then freshen straw or mulch.
    If its new, straw goes down last.

    Seldom, do we take out sod by hand. Use a sod cutter. If your using a flat shovel method, no more that 1/2" required. With regards... devildog
  3. greenman

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    If its a new install with turf growing there, I use a sod cutter to remove the turf. They are quick and easy. Then, if needed I throw in some topsoil. Then I plant everything, and put down mulch. If the customer insists on edging of some kind, I install the edging after I plant, then I put down mulch. I never ever use fabric, UNLESS I put down rock instead of mulch.
  4. pilotcoplawnboy

    pilotcoplawnboy LawnSite Member
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  5. johnhenry

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    Get rid of the grass and lay weed fabric down before you straw or mulch.If not you will create a might mare in the growing season
  6. Lanelle

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    NO! No weed fabric in flowerbeds. Use a pre-emergent herbicide for color-beds. If you put down fabric, you have to cut so many holes in it for the flowers and then next season you have to hunt for those holes or make new ones. Soon weeds will grow on top of the fabric, weaving their roots into the fabric. What a waste of time, effort and money. :blob1: Hmmmm, can you tell that I have an opinion on this one?
    (Under stone is a different story)
  7. johnhenry

    johnhenry LawnSite Senior Member
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    Lanelle is right about pre- emergent herbicide.That should be used if your license and depending on temperture.If you apply any type of herbicide when it is over 90 you can have some bad results.Most of are flower beds are done in late may and june and it can be quite warm then.weed fabric if done right and ground prep right.There shouldn't be no weeds growing thru.To many times I have taken over failed accounts because of no weed barrier.remember also the key to a great flower bed is the design and structure of the plantings.
  8. devildog

    devildog LawnSite Senior Member
    from sc
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    If you have no experience using pre-m on annual beds; test, test, test or they could end up dead, dead, dead. with regards... devildog
  9. excel25

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    Read the label........don't use weed fabric unless your installing gravel instead of mulch.
  10. UGA

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    Does this rule of no barrier when using mulch pertain to shrubs and other small non-flowering plants such as hollies, nandinas, etc? What about leafy plants that do flower but are different from traditional flower plants such as daylillies? I know I sound like a Jack*ss but until I get more experience all I know to do is ask.

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