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Flowers under tree????

I've got 2 huge trees down in a lower lot.. They get direct sun early, "sunrise through around 10:00 Am" then mostly in the shade for the remander of the day... We have built a rock wall "about 2.5 ft high" around both to put flowers in, I am wanting some cheap flowers and/or bushes to add color down there, but it is hard to see from the road, so it doesn't need to be fancy...... Any suggestions on what the heck to put down there? There are extremly for away so it will be faily hard to keep them watered

Artistic Blooms

LawnSite Member
Fenton, MI
Around the base of your tree try Astillibe's or Ligularia, try some different colored hostas such as in the blues or varigated varities. Jack in the pulpit area great for spring and theres always impatiens for a great splash of color.
Wow.. Thanx Artistic........ Great info!!!!!


LawnSite Bronze Member
SE Pennsylvania
Originally posted by D Felix
A chainsaw in a couple years after your trees die from the soil you put around the base will be helpfull too...:rolleyes:

ditto! It is one thing to plant amongst the roots at ground level, but a total other to backfill 2.5'
It is about 2 foot high, and maybe 10 inches of dirt in with around it, I would say these tres are probaly about 100 years old and were shallow planted, There are roots all over the place...... I may try to take a pic, and let everyone see it, because if it is going to kill them I will remove it........


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moultrie GA.
Dan is right if you have added 2.5 feet of dirt around the base of the tree then your making it extremely suseptible to disease, you might have a hard time keeping it alive. If it is possible try to move as much dirt away from the base of the tree as possible.

About the plants hastas do well in shade, mondo grass is another option, and the annual flower 'shady lady impatiens' thrive in the shade
Well you have convinced me > I'm going to move it out and down........ Thanx for the help.....