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Discussion in 'Eureka Fluid Film' started by DLAWNS, Nov 21, 2010.


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    No problem man...glad to hear it worked for ya! Something else I learned is that if you apply it like a day or so before you use it, it works even better. And than reapply as needed and you will be golden.
  2. Lefet

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    Yeah, I kinda learned that one by accident. Took the blower motor apart a while ago. Filmed it up, the just didn't have the drive to put it back together. So to justify me NOT doing it, I'd spray it again in a couple of days. I probably put enough on there for a couple of years. :)
  3. JoyofFluidFilm

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    all we need is a picture of you with the fluid film shirt and hat posing with the banner :usflag:

    DLAWNS LawnSite Fanatic
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    Haha nice!

    haha...maybe one day...lol
  5. JoyofFluidFilm

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    ok..that one day is today :cool2:
  6. mowerdude777

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    Very nice, I gotta get one of those soon
  7. User Name Taken

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    So jealous :laugh:
  8. grassman177

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    we ordered a case of the 11.75oz cans the other day.

    looking forward to it. worked great on corosion, but did find out something bad about it and that is it freezes apparently. i used it on all choke and throttle cables and every one them worked fine tonight when starting up the machines we just sold(standers). they were parked outside in about 20degrees for maybe 30min and the cables were completely frozen and could not be moved!!

    that was a bit disconcerning, but is rare it matters anyhow as we are not using these machines in that cold
  9. a plus bob

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    Must be from where you washed them or some thing.I use it on my snow blowers and never have a problem.
  10. Dano50

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    We've tested Fluid Film to -30F and it didn't freeze. There must have been something else going on there.

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