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Discussion in 'Eureka Fluid Film' started by Lazer_Z, Sep 6, 2006.

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    I had never tried anything to keep grass from sticking to my deck before trying FF. I was always doing it the old fashioned way by scraping and as many of you know scraping sucks. I am always looking for something to make something else easier so I started to see threads pop up about what to spray under your deck to keep grass from sticking. I was seeing PAM cooking spray mentioned the most & I was tempted to try it but, I also heard some say that you have to constantly keep up on spraying so that put me off of that idea. So I have just been dealing with scraping. Then I saw that we had a new sponsor and that being Fluid Film so I like the rest of you checked it out ad I was blown away at what it could do. So to finish up my novel here lol. I finally tried FF on my mower deck I first prepped it by pressure washing ti entire underside I let it dry I then sprayed FF under the deck and today was the first real test because it has been raining. The grass was wet not damp but just plain soaking wet. I double cut, my first cut was at 4" the second was 3.5". The mower cut like normal and when I was finished I noticed a little bit of build up but nothing like it was before I used FF. I'll never use anything else.

    Sorry for such a long post.

  2. Rickco

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    Ah,now you've seen the light.:)
  3. Lazer_Z

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    Yes Sir I have. :D

  4. Dano50

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    A picture is worth a thousand words:


    There's a man that won't be scraping his decks... :canadaflag:

    There is still an open invitation to all LawnSite members who haven't tried Fluid Film to discover for themselves why Fluid Film works so well. Just shoot me an email and I'll put a can in your hands. You just can't beat that deal. That's how confident we are that Fluid Film will beat the competition.
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    Today My 21" Lawnboy broke down on me...So I had to pull out my old Brigs 21...That has been parked since I got spoliled by the pesonel pace.
    Anyway I had to take It to a job today...so I thought I better sharpen up the blade and set the deck height like the Lawn boy. once I took the blade off , there was a bit of grass In the deck Chamber...But when I scraped It off, I could still see the Oil from the Fluid Film. And the little grass that was on the deck bottom came of in seconds. I sprayed IT again today With fluid Film.
    for the little time It takes...I t shure pays off In the long run.
    That moisture gets trapped In the grass under your deck...and If Its not treated It will rust...If I could fit a can Of Fluid Film In my back pocket...You would see me walking around with It all day...To spray all those things that need protection.
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    Fluid Film! make a holster for a can of the stuff! thatd be really cool! One that hooks onto your belt, I gotta try putting it on my mower deck!

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