Fluid Film Samples Still Available!

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    Due to the popular response and great comments from LawnSite members, we will continue to offer FREE samples of Fluid Film to all members who haven't tried it and live within the Continental United States. :waving:

    Fluid Film contains no solvents, will stop corrosion on all metals, lubricates for extended periods of time, will not burn greenery, will not be readily washed off with water, will not get gummy or sticky and will not freeze! :cool2:

    Take advantage of this offer now and get your free sample while they last!

    Fluid Film is simply the best product to protect your equipment and keep grass from clumping under mower decks. It will stop the corrosive effects of salts, fertilizers and pesticides. It will keep battery terminals protected for at least a year and it works great on firearms, hedgetrimmers, snow equipment, and is an excellent vehicle undercoating.

    Fluid Film is manufactured using a natural lanolin base. PM me for your free sample or email me and let me know where you heard about the offer.

    Fluid Film is the real deal. Nothing can come close to offering the same protection. Available nationally through John Deere and online through mowpart.com. Check our dealer locator for your closest retailer. :usflag:

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