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Fluid Film

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by abcfamily, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. abcfamily

    abcfamily LawnSite Member
    Messages: 240

    Where is the best deal on the web for a gallon of fluid film? *trucewhiteflag*
  2. Dano50

    Dano50 LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,781

    Mowpart.com has got great prices on gallons, and provides great service as well.
  3. puddin' pie

    puddin' pie LawnSite Member
    Messages: 95

    yes, listen to the man a friend of mine is on ''team Fliud Flim''
  4. Shawns Lawns

    Shawns Lawns LawnSite Senior Member
    from Maine
    Messages: 638

    That price is nothing special thats what it is normally.
  5. JTF40

    JTF40 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 875

    If you buy it by the gallon, it will be shipped in a paint can - very difficult to transfer from can to ??? . :usflag:
  6. puddin' pie

    puddin' pie LawnSite Member
    Messages: 95

    its called a funnel...................
  7. tnpete

    tnpete LawnSite Member
    from West Tn
    Messages: 180

    I plan on picking up a gallon at a local place tomorrow.
  8. Daner

    Daner LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,307

    Go for the Gusto...And get the pail...thats what we do at the ole farm...then transfer it to your small containers...old mustard containers work good too.
    I also have a wand that hooks up to my air compresor for doing the bigger jobs.
  9. Lynden-Jeff

    Lynden-Jeff LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,405


    Where do you get it by the pail and for how much? Ive only found 1 gallon at TSC.

  10. Daner

    Daner LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,307

    Hi Jeff...Its a 20 L Pail...some will buy It buy the drum as well.
    You can get the pails at Carquest...Also I think Acklands Granger has It...oh and Napa sells it as well...cant remember the price.

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