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Fluid Film ?


LawnSite Member
Rocky Mount, VA
I have used up my free sample and am planning to order it online at mowpart since I don't have a close enough dealer. Was wanting to get enough to apply as an under coating on 2 of my cars as well as enough to keep to apply under the deck of my mowers and for random stuff. Mowpart has it in a gallon. My question is how do you go buying a gallon and then being able to use it as a spray? Do you just pour it in any spraying device? This may be a dumb question but I gotta ask so I will know whether to buy a few cans and be set up or go for the gallon? You get more and save money getting the gallon. Hoping the sponsor guy will post here. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Hi Skeelow,

If you want to purchase by the gallon, Fluid Film is about the viscosity of a house paint in its bulk form, so it works best if you use a paint sprayer to apply. I've also heard that an undercoating gun does a pretty good job of applying.

Let me know if you have more questions.