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Fluid Film!!!!


LawnSite Platinum Member
Shawnee Kansas
Last week in KC we got 8 inches of rain! Its been swampy as ever here and its been raining on and off for the last 3 days. Next week we are supposed to get some more.

I bought a couple cans of Fluid Film from my dealer and sprayed my deck.

This stuff works wonders keeping the grass off it.

I recommend it to everyone who is mowing through some wet stuff!


LawnSite Silver Member
Southern WI
OK, I hear that "it works great" and "it doesn't work worth a poo" when talking about fluid film on the deck to reduce grass buildup.

That's it, next time I have to mow wet grass I'm going to get the deck clean and soak it down with FF to see for myself:)


LawnSite Member
South Beloit, IL
Don't forget your string trimmers!

Spray Fluid Film on your shield (top and bottom), lower part of the shaft. I also recomend giving a squirt inside your bump-feed head, helps prevent weldng of the line and keeps things moving easy so that you only have to bump your head once!


LawnSite Bronze Member
Huron, Ohio
Got my sample last week, sprayed the deck and all seems to be "stick free" I'll see how it looks after I cut tomorrow. I'll give it a shot on my trimmer as well. I may end up ordering some up to keep in the arsenal :)


LawnSite Member
Vineland, NJ
hey guys!! i have never used fluid film, but i have read so many good things about the product...i was just wondering how to get a free sample to see how good it really works?


LawnSite Senior Member
Been raining tons here almost 8in in a week and today was the first day that was viable for mowing so i stopped by the JD dealer and picked up 2 cans it worked good i sprayed it under my grasshopper deck and it lasted about 2 hours befor i noticed some grass sticking under the deck and falling off in big chunks. I was pleased wiht 2 hours this grass was soaking wet where you would cut it and see the haze/mist come out of the discharge from the water that was on the grass. Stopped sprayed another coat and it lasted the rest of the day i like this stuff