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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by londonrain, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. londonrain

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    Worked on a repair job last week with low flow on zone. Mainline is a 2" with 1 1/2" and 1" laterals. Valve is a 1 1/2" PGA so I replaced the solenoid, same problem...Drained the main and checked the diaphragm, same problem.
    Uncovered the first head and flex pipe was kinked. Replaced Kinked flex pipe and now we have flow on 1 head. Uncovered the next head and still no flow, now I say clogged lateral lines...

  2. PurpHaze

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    Wow London... I'd say those are beyond clogged. More like totally impacted... like a sphincter muscle during constipation. :laugh:

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    1 by 1/2 st ell. You will rarely run into those in Dallas. Everything gets bushed down which means that mess would have jammed in the 3/4 by 1/2 by 1/2 tee
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    wow london...

    Great picture!!!!!!
    I ,being a growing pup, have never seen anything that compacted ever...well not with small stones....Just dirt!!

    Thanks for sharing..
  5. londonrain

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    More came out when we flushed the lines via a 90 pushed on the end with a few feet of pipe, pointing way from the hole.....
  6. PurpHaze

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    We see downstream clog conditions like these more when outside contractors (i.e. plumbers, low voltage & Cable guys, electricians, etc.) are trenching and break one of our lines. They either aren't aware (or don't care) that the break can cause problems downstream of the actual break. We'd rather they just leave it open and then we'll go in and repair the problem... checking for downstream clogs while we're at it. That way we know that everything is properly up and running before we leave.
  7. Kiril

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    Right on. Did you find the cause?
  8. londonrain

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    I have a repair job for next week that I looked at on Friday. So far 80ft of 2" main and 1 1/2" laterals, wires plus a 1 1/2" PGA totally destroyed by a plumber. He was back-hoeing in a new 2" copper water line. He was going right over the old 2" line which is right under the irrigation. I suggested he dig on the side of the pipe and it will be much easier and that way he will not destroy the rest of the irrigation system..
  9. PurpHaze

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    I wish I'd had a digital camera a couple of years ago when I ran into three Toro Super 600s clogged up completely with COCKROACHES. This was on a manual system with ASV where the roaches had crawled into the lateral lines via the relaxed ASV and either crawled or were blown through the lateral lines to the sprinkler head. Very messy.

    The worse compacted laterals/heads I've ever run into was when we contracted out the rerouting of a 3" main line so a building could go in. Contractor used the "sledge hammer the new main under the sidewalk" method of boring and never cleaned out the main before reconnecting to the system. All the rocks went downstream and wiped out five valves and about 20 Toro 300 Stream Rotors. The 300s' large screen filters were so impacted that they had actually collapsed, cracking the threaded areas and popping up the internal portion of the sprinkler from the body. It took days to flush the system out and replace everything.
  10. londonrain

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    Installation of a French drain...over 6 months ago.

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