flux cored problems

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    Yes, fluxcore is a "dirtier" process than hardwire - much smokier.

    This may be a dumb question, but is the wire you're using the right one for gasless application? I have a small MIG at home and run strictly hardwire, I've never looked into fluxcore for it but at work the (big) fluxcore machines use Co2 gas with the flux cored wire.
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    This is the very issue I need some help on. I welded for years in a factory or was either around welding. The other day I went out to my Dad's to get his older Linclon SP200 ( I think that's right) out of storage.......just found out he had this after 10 years.........well, it was set up with .068 inner shield wire......flux core gun.....no gas. The only time I ever used flux core was 20 years ago and it was wire that had actual flux coating on the outside......similar to a stick welding rod. This wire has no apparent flux at all.........none that I can see anyway. Educate me if you will on the proper methods here. I yanked all that off and was going to convert it back to gas and .035 wire which he has a brand new roll of. I've just never seen anything like this and when I went to the local welding supply place to get a couple parts for the feeder the counter guy didn't act like he knew what I was talking about. So for now.........I haven't done anything but get everything out. They want $150.00 for a small bottle of 75/25 and I really only need to use the welder for a few hours to build some sides on my equipment trailer and don't want to pay that for gas...........yet.

    Whats the deal?

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