Fly by night pavers, you know these guys?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Deputy_Swan, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. Deputy_Swan

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    Hello, anybody ever run into these fly by night pavers. Here it seems every year they come around, and talk there way into paving peoples driveways for cheap.. because "we have left over pavement left over from a big job" and also "get the asphalt at whole sale prices" they do the job, get paid, and in a few weeks there no where to be scene. I had a customer this summer hire a company like this to do here driveway, they did it. and a week latter when I went to mow her lawn I noticed it was all heaving and cracking. she trys to call the phone numbers on the business card she was given, phones are disconnected. and she does some research, they where never licensed to do work in North Dakota. So she is out $6k :hammerhead: and a bunch of broken up and cracked asphalt in her driveway.
  2. Patriot Services

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    Sounds like FL. All kinds of scams. High pressure door to door tactics, stolen materials, getting a down payment and bolting. All it takes is a disposable cell phone, a few homemade cards and no soul. The elderly are prime targets. Makes it harder for legit companies to get proper prices.
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  3. f50lvr2

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    I had a great uncle that fell for this last year. They came by the house said they were a TX based company that was doing a big job near them in KS, had just finished and had a bunch of asphalt left over.

    One year later and the drive looks like crap.
  4. Lawn Enforcer

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    Had a "company" around here try to pull that off last summer. I was waiting for a friend at his house one morning and this real shady guy driving a truck with Idaho plates came up and asked for a $4K check and said that the gravel driveway would be paved by 5pm that night because they were doing a big road job down a few miles down and they would have some left over (I know for a fact that the company doing the actual roadwork was local) and I told him where to put all that asphalt (if you catch my drift :laugh:) and to get the hell off the property.
  5. stickleylawncare

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    A customer we picked up at the beginning of the year got talked into buying a sprinkler system by the Home Depot clerk; the installer, the Home Depot clerk. Gave him $1500 down, its now almost November... no irrigation system, no clerk working at HD.
  6. agrostis

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    That scam must be a nationwide thing. They even warn people with radio ad's around here. But i guess it must work on some people because it's been going on as long as i can remember.
  7. AI Inc

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    gypsies ,amd I dont mean that in a lowballer way. They are actualy gypsies.
  8. Total Lawn and Sprinkler

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    I haven't heard of this being done before, but I am certainly glad to be in the know. I feel for the homeowners who have been taken by this scam.
  9. GreenI.A.

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    A popular one around here is after storms guys will go around to elderly to do tree work. They will find a tree with a slight lean to it towards the street or a neighbors home, then they convince the property owner that it needs to be taken down asap because if it falls into the street the city will fine them thousands of dollers. They give an insanely high price and some reports even say that they drive the property owner to the bank them selves to go get the cash.

    Doing irrigation blowouts this week I talked to a new customer who had one of the worst systems I have seen. A guy came in the spring and installed it and it seemed good to the homeowner and was about 1k less than any competitor. The installer used that customer for a referal in the neighborhood and took $1,500 deposits from multiple neighbors then never came back to do the work at all. Seems like he goes in and underbids to get his foot in the door then rips off the neighborhood. The quote I gave to repair the system properly was more than he originally paid for it.
  10. AI Inc

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    Stanleys at it again in Ohio

    NASHUA – Although he is prohibited from paving so much as a pothole in New Hampshire, it didn’t take long for Cornelius V. Stanley to turn up elsewhere with “extra” asphalt.

    Stanley, 47, of 32 Yarmouth Drive, and one of his sons, Cornelius V. Stanley Jr., 27, of Virginia, were chastised and chased off by a building department official earlier this month after they allegedly tried to pull their paving scam on the owner of a mobile home park in Bedford Heights, Ohio, near Cleveland, according to the park’s owner and published reports.

    Hidden Cove Ltd. owner Kristy Apel contacted law enforcement and the Better Business Bureau on Sept. 1, after the Stanleys, doing business as Safeway Paving, tried to collect $14,000 for a paving patch job they had said would cost $275.

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