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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by MKB, Oct 16, 2007.

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    Does anyone else have problems with other companies not doing jobs by local codes. We always get the information from the township to find out whats needed to do the job without any problems. We just lost a job for a wall that was 6 feet tall. The township says anything over 3 feet requires a plan. I told the homeowner he would have to do that or terrace the wall. He told us another landscaper said dont worry about the township I'll do it without it and save you somemoney. How do you handle this?
  2. McKeeLand

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    I would explain to the customer the consequences of doing a wall without having it engineered and how little the engineering cost compared to the total project. Then if he still went with the other company go to the township and file a complaint.

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    There Are Always Those Few. I Ran Across A Customer Who Had A Wall Build That Was Almost 6ft Tall And About 75ft Long And Had No Drainage Pipe And Was Not Back Filled With Rock. Even The Inside Of The Block Did Not Have Rock In Them. The Home Owner Said That They Build The Wall The First Time And When They Took The Tracker Accross It To Take Some Dirt In The Back Yard, The First Wall Punched Out And Collapsed. They Rebuilt The Wall, But Told The Customer That They Would Not Take Their Tractor Back Across It To Finish With The Dirt. That Is Confidence In Your Work Right There.
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    There are some folks who are driven solely by the dollar, others can "see" the value in doing it right, strive to find those who have the vision, this is not to say that you can't sometimes accomodate the "dollar wise" , "value Stupid" shopper. It's a hard call, do you really want to waste your time going to the town???? Not that it's the wrong thing to do but really is your time worth it? Perhaps a quick educational session with the client? Be sure to explain the liabilities- A word everyone with a functioning brain- understands these days, if they still don't listen walk away.......there's bound to be another one around the corner......
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    don't forget fines and a possibility the township could have it torn out since no proper paperwork was filed. a neighbor of a client of mine enclosed a screen porch and after it was done the city found out about it and came in and tore off the newly complete porch, man was the owner pissed.
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    I normally don't care about losing quotes (that many of course;) ). After all it is a competitive market and you win some/lose some. However, if they won the quote due to braking the law (or will be braking) then I probablly would go down to the town.

    One positive to look at it is you are saving yourself the hassles you will get from a customer like this. They'll be calling you back and asking if you can fix the wall.
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    If the area your working in has rules, then we all need to follow them. If my competitor gets the job based on salesmanship and price, good for him. If he gets it by breaking the rules, I will make the call. If i'm asked if I made the call, the answer will be the truth. If you choose to not follow the rules, you should expect to pay the consequences.

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