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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by millsmowing, Mar 7, 2002.

  1. millsmowing

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    I have been walking door to door passing out my flyers but the long driveways and the cold weather is starting to take its toll. I read a past post that talked about having flyers inserted into your local newspaper. I think the editor charged him 30 dollars per thousand with a minimum of 5 thousand for a cost of 150 dollars. Does this work? Everyone in my town would get this newspaper because its delivered and its free. This way i'm certain my flyer will at least get in their house and not be blown away by a high wind if i personally leave it outside by the door.
    I'm going to check on this tommorrow but want some opinions from the pro's on this site before i do.

    MATTHEW LawnSite Senior Member
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    Rates vary with area. A friend told me that the charge was $350 for 7500. You supply the flyer.
    It is good for name recognition, so if you can afford it-do it. Just do not expect big results.
    I go to areas with paper boxes and slide my flyer in the paper just after it is delivered. It's free.
  3. gogetter

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    My local 'free' paper would charge $39 per thousand but you have to select one whole zio code range. You tell them the zip code, they tell you how many thousand.

    But just from my own personal view, it wouldn't be as effective as hanging one on thee door.
    I know that I rarely look at the fliers in the paper (maybe sometimes if they actually fall into my lap), but I generally always look at a flier if it's hanging by itself on my door. Not a rule that I've made, it's just seems to happen that way.
  4. f350

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    good luck finding those rates in metro detroit, try c&g newspapers in warren
  5. heygrassman

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    Have you tried finding a local college kid that is looking for beer $$.. amazing the amount of help you can get for $8-10 per hour cash..


    MIDSOUTH LawnSite Senior Member
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    Just got a price yesterday for 560.00 for 20000 halfpage flyers in our local paper.
  7. pugger

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    Flyers are ileagal in many areas, check with your city about ordinances. A well know mass marketer ate it big time on that idea. Also it may be ileagal to put your flyer into the paper box if that box has the name of the paper on it.

    To be honest, the best advertising, and the cheapest, is really simple and realativly inexpensive.

    Clean, well maintained equipment with lettering. Clean professionaly mannered personnel with lettered t-shirts. Lawn signs which with permision you place on the curb for the duration of your work. Walk, talk, and live your business at all times, the deductions are rather handy too.

    And the number one best advertising dollar is to get involved with your local Chamber of Commerce. Get involved not fluff around the fringes. These people are the movers and the shakers of the local economy. Bankers, CEO's, Sucessful independant businesman. As the saying goes you need to press flesh and kiss babies. Volenteer for civic activities and go to the meetings and events. If they meet and like you and see you are an upstanding business professional, they will (I assure you) get things moving useally without you even knowing it happens.
  8. Nebraska

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    We put out 19,200 flyers the past 2 Thursdays thru the paper. Dropped a total of about $1000. Total of 2 calls and signed one up. Have not had very much luck with flyers this spring. More luck with direct mail and referrals. I only wish I put the $ to another method. Wonder if it was too early but did it the same time in years past with much better success. Anyone with the same problem?
  9. Seems like different results in different areas. I would think a test of 5000 should be a good indicator, so for $150 I'd give it a chance.
    One of my competitors does this in our free regional paper 6 months a year and has been doing it for three years so I'm assuming it works.
    I prefer flyers because I can skip properties that I do not want to work on.
  10. landscaper3

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    We pass out over 2500 flyers each season. We found more then half never look in paper box!!! What we do is grab 2 trucks and 4 or 5 guys get the mountian bikes out and pass out that way. You can get alot done as long as you dont have many hills both ways!!! And up here we are full of them!

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