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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by morning dew, Feb 13, 2002.

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    occasionaly I stop @ a news paper machine, pay 50 cents and take a paper out but before I close the door I stick a flier in each paper:p . I usualy get my little bro to round up 5 or 6 of his friends and just go nuts in a subdevision, in 1 hour 5 kids and me put 450 fliers! spent $20.00 on Ice Cream and a trip to the arcade, talk about cheap advertizing.~NaTe
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    That's the way to do it, Nate!!! I love it. :D
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    We distribute around 2500 plus door hangers! Someone mentioned a good piece of advise! dont put them in the paper boxes, most people dont even look in them. Go to the door and if its a long private drive bring a thump tac or clip to put on the post (the post only) of the mail box or do a direct mailing to that home. After our snow season is done and it starts to warm up we get the employees out there in the trucks hitting as many as possible. Ill try for 3000 this year. If we get another 12 to 20 or more accounts it will be money worth spent!
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    I've got a question. For everyone who goes door to door do you put the flyers in door hangers or do you just kind of close them in the door? Also, where is the cheapest place to get door hangers? I spent quite a bit of time last week stuffing flyers in paper boxes and I can definatly see the advantage to putting them on the doors. It might take longer I guess but I am not doing anything since there is no snow to plow!

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    Well, we always roll up the 8.5" x 11" flyer into a tube with our company name showing.

    Most of the door handles in the newer, upscale neighborhoods that we target are either this kind;

    or this kind;

    In the first case, we place the tube behind the door handle and let it go. Then as it unwinds it get stuck behind the handle.

    Basically the same with the second kind. Slip it through the handle and let go.

    When we come across houses with the old fashioned door knobs like this;
    we place the tube in between the door knob and the door frame. Again, let go, and the flyer stays where it's put.

    In every case, the flyer usually stays put until someone either comes to the door from the outside or opens it from the inside. If it falls when they open it, they notice the motion and go to grab it.

    Another good option is using small strips of scotch tape. But I've never felt the need for that.
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    I use newspaper holders on the mailbox but my strategy is to follow the person that is delivering the papers. They start at 4 am and are done around 7. It is a good strategy as the flyers are only placed in boxes that get papers and I can run down the street on the wrong side of the road without much threat of traffic. All the cops know me so I guess i have an unfair advantage but I only do this on sidestreets.

    I make it look like the flyer was placed in the paper and I have gotten lots of work from doing this in targeted areas. Otherwise my kids train for the 5 k run by running up and down the streets and placing the flyers in doors. Sweat equity.
  7. Just walking door to door. Starting early help get you in shape for the work you are going to be doing.
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    Thank You

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