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Discussion in 'Network: South' started by ChemicalKing, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. ChemicalKing

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    I was wondering anyones opinion or experiences with flyer distribution services in the Fort Worth/Dallas area. I have used H&H, Reed and Ace. We demand physical verification of the distribution using one of our staff, it is time consuming but well worth it. Ace has been the only company that at least communicates with you, although they will toss your flyers as quick as any of the other services. H&H and Reed were a total joke/rip off. Door Hanger distribution works great if they actually make it on the doors...would be nice not to have to micro manage & check every area. Anybody know something better, short of doing it in house?:usflag:
  2. xtremelawn

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    We have used H&H and Reed:angry:I don't recall to much about H&H it has been a while since we used them. Reed is a straight up PUNK. We used him one time. I drove around and checked the area he was supposed to pass out in. There were whole blocks that did not get done. I called him and he met me. I showed him these areas and he told me that these people were probably already home form work. 2:00PM. He called his crew leader he said they were done. Funny thing was when they showed up we found over 2000 of our filers in the van. So out of 5000 they did 3000. You can not stop payment on the check you wrote because he will cash it 3 days before work is done.
    I have not heard of Ace. Do you have a number for them?

    Good luck
  3. ChemicalKing

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    Yea, H&H was even worse. We service Fort Worth & our advertising went out to Plano/Collin county, when confronted they just said "oh we'll make up for it on the next run" (not). Ace has been sort of ok, because I ride their ass daily & insist on a daily map then go check the area. We have caught somebody throwing away some flyers, they have skipped several areas & you can't believe what they say - However at least I am sure that the areas were at least half ass covered. The all important think is you have to know where they are going & check the areas on the same day.

    Phone Number - Ace Flyer Distribution (972)235-8480. There is also a couple of other companies, Metroplex distribution & Always advertising (haven't tried them yet).

    FYI: Flyer advertising is an inherently dirty business, it seems. If you can't verify on a daily basis - don't waist your money!

    Again if anybody out there has a distribution company in Fort Worth/Dallas that they like - Please Post!

  4. ddcontracting

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    This is my other company that I use to pass out flyers to Dallas/FT. Worth Area. We run off of mapsco pages and complete the whole page, to keep track of how many were passed out. There is no games here. We want our clients to get a lot of business so they will stay with my company.
    Please call anytime too discuss.
  5. ChemicalKing

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    Thanks for the post, F& D. I will call you today. Be careful with your claims, as we use very stringent verification procedures. However, if you do micro manage your walkers to the degree that the client dosen't have to - I am sure you could get a huge amount of business from local LCO's. Between myself & the 4 companies that I network with, we are doing an annual distribution of more than 1 million pieces.
  6. NSNdallas

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    I too have had a really hard time finding a good Distribution Co. I have been distributing a directory monthly since 1995. I too have used Always, Reed (the worst IMO) H&H and Ace. Please let us know if you decide to try this other Co. I am interested in your results.
  7. ChemicalKing

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    He never returned my call (F&D Distribution). I can't find any listing for them, not sure if this is a for real business or a part timer. What did you think of Always Distribution?
  8. NSNdallas

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    I have used Always off & on for years. As with H&H, if I use them continuously they slack off after a while. The last time that I used Always I was not happy. I have used H&H more then any of the others but I am really fed up with them. There is a new Co. that I am checking out right now. Walk-atisers.

    How many fliers a day do you have distributed? I plan to only put out daily what I can keep a close eye on.
  9. ChemicalKing

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    We do between 30-100k per month. I have tremendous resources invested in micromanaging every aspect of the distribution. It really sucks, but otherwise you get burned. Never heard of Walk-aitsers, please send me their phone number.
  10. NSNdallas

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    The Co. is Walk-A-Tisers. The man who returned my call is George Dudley @ 214-777-2787. He is supposed to email me some references soon. I found him on "Craig's List". He was advertising for employees.

    Do you have any tips for checking up on these guys? The only time that I used Ace was when he was just starting up his business here. I believe that he was from Las Vegas & sounded like he had done distributing for a long time. He sent my fliers out & I soon was getting one complaint after another from homeowners. I sent someone out to track down the delivery & get my fliers back. He then went to the office of Ace & got my money back.

    I had the same experience with Reed as you had. I even found his men sitting on the curb waiting to be picked up. They had only done the corner houses of each street. I even filed a complaint with the Ft. Worth BBB on Reed. He denied my allegations & the BBB threw my complaint out. I am sure that it was because he was a paying member at the time.

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