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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by justinc, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. justinc

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    I recently got 3000 doorhangers. The problem is I just don't have the time to distribute them all. So I put an ad on craigslist looking for people to help pass them out. I plan on giving them a map and then driving through the area when they are done to make sure the job was completed. My price in the ad was 30.00 for every 500 delivered. I've had about 5 responses from people interested. I also had one guy email me telling me I must be a fool to think anyone would walk to 500 doors for 30 bucks. I know I would never do it but I thought it would be easy money for some high school or college kids. Do you think my pricing is about right?
  2. elite lawns

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    your did better then me i paid two 16 year $75 each to pass out 4 thousand any way good luck
  3. cpel2004

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    going rate here is .10-.15 per several thousands.
  4. stevenf

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    Might offer a little more money for every account you get as an incentive for them to take it seriously.
  5. SomervilleLawncare

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    I have a college kid I know who is doing them for free, but every person I sign up from the flyers I give him $20 If I didnt get anyone signed up I would obviously give him somthing for the effort but this way I know they are going to get put out and he seems very happy with it since he goes running in the area anyways.
  6. bill8379

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    I sometimes hire day labour to get certain flyers out and I can say that 500 flyers is 7 hours walking. I don't know who would work 7 hours for $30.

    However, when I distribute generic flyers, they are delivered as inserts in local papers and adbags. This costs me $42 per thousand. (as long I have 10k going out)
  7. CrimsonLawnCare

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    i always thought about doing this, but unfortunally you gotta really trust them .. because what says there not going to go out there with your 3000 flyers throw them in the trash and sit around all day and come back and say they were done..

    THRIFTY2 LawnSite Member
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    My thoughts exactly...
  9. E & J Pro Turf

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    I found a mother with 2 teenage boys that do it in my area. The where doing it for a real estate company and I hired them to do for me. Its $ 8.00 per hr per kid. They know the houses and she drives the car and picks them up. Its about $ 90.00 per 500 houses. Thats about 2 -3 nights worth of work. They just started last week.
  10. DK lawn care

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    How do u do this, i am very interested?

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