Flyer distribution service for those interested...


Yardley, PA.
Here's a service that will distribute your flyers for you. Pricing is pretty decent, about half of what you'd pay for a stamp.

E-mail them if you have questions, they're good at getting back to you promptly.

P.S. If you don't see your state listed, ask them, because my state isn't listed, but they will come out anyway under certain conditions (e.g. minimum number of flyers may be higher to get them to come out).


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I used to work for a company that distributed free magazines and apartment guides and stuff you see in stores. Let me tell you, more than once I had to investigate when one of the guys hired to do the delivering just tossed them in a dumpster. My wife's parents were in a similar business, except it was phone books. It's a real problem. They spent a lot of money checking to make sure people actually got them, since the people doing the distributing aren't exactly world beaters. Nobody's going to be calling asking Mr. Smith if he got the flyer put on his door.

My point is, how will you be sure they're actually distributing as many as they claim? can't. So it might be worth a try but with a stamp on a post card I know it got there.

I also see that they compare their 20 cent rate to a first class 37 cent stamp. What are the rates for a post card? 23 cents for a 4x6? I'd probably rather have some color post cards printed up and mail them.

And where would these flyers be placed at homes? On doors? On mailboxes? In a baggie with a rock in it? LOL


Yardley, PA.
Since they're in the business of delivering flyers I would think that they understand HOW they have to be placed at a house. Come on, give them a tiny bit of credit!:)

As far as delivering over mailing them, I feel a doorhanger/flyer would get a better response then something in with all the other junkmail in the mailbox. I tend to toss most junk mail without even looking at it, but I tend to look at a flyer on my door. But that might just be me.

As far as making sure things get delivered, I would likely make a trip through the neighborhood they're working in to see that everythings getting put out. I'd sure rather take that drive then deliver them myself!.

The .20 cent price is for 1,000. It goes down from there. It can be as low as .15 cents if you have enough delivered.

Lastly, this isn't for everyone. This is for the person that WAS going to deliver them by themselves. Soemone that's decided that they don't want to mail them (for the reason I stated above).

If it's not for you, it's not for you.

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