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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Grits, Oct 12, 2006.

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    Most everyone on here agrees that flyers are one of the best routes for advertising in this biz. So how do you distribute them? If you don't put them on mailboxes, what do you put them on? When you speak of flyers, are you also referring to doorhangers? Just trying to gather some info as I am about to start my advertising campaign for the '07 mowing season. Thanks for any and all info!

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    DO not put them on or in the mail box-- any where eles is OK, On the door or in the paper box or even on the driveway, Just not in the mailbox
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    Yea not in/on/or touching the mailbox. In my town the newspapers are not allowed to be in the slot under the mailbox of those plastic all in one mailboxes that are designed to hold newspapers too. Why I dont know. kindof stupid to me. Front doors work good. Just watch out for the subdivisions. Everyone targets them driving the prices down. Every undercutter tries to get a few lawn in them and homowners are only trying to save money. But we all are. So front doors and newspaper tubes work good.
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    Consult the Postmaster at your local P.O. for cheaper mailings of 4-to-a-page postcards to residential mailboxes in your area. You'd do well flyering the $300K on-up residential neighborhoods and private roads.
    The higher the median income the better in this case.
    Flyer these select areas twice to thrice a year, at least.
    Refrain from "name dropping" ads, and feature instead coupon ads
    with specific timetables to take advantage of these discounts prior **/**/**

    Sure it can be as simple as a neon green color postcard blitz dropped at their doorsteps on a calm unwindy day, but eventually you'll want to consult a pro printhouse or at least a data service for recent home sales data label-printing(by price ranges you specify).

    Commercial interests like banks and the owner of record of commercial properties are good prospects (perhaps your assessor or recorder of deeds has an online database). Find out who the decisionmaker(s) will be, and offer them 20% better caliber of maintenance and installation than they've been receiving from their present lawn and landscape outsourced experts for nearly the same cost spread out over 2-three years. Offer upgrades on a regular basis. Do a search of this site for other input, grasshopper :rolleyes:

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