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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by RWADesigner2, Apr 17, 2002.

  1. RWADesigner2

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    Hey everyone:

    I am working on my first flyer for my area. I was wondering if anyone has good examples of affective fylers they could email me, that has worked for them. Alos any tips of how many to print up, where is best place to to start soliciting business, etc.

    I am think of using doorbags with...comapny name and logo on it, plus what do you guys think about including with the flyer, smal note pads with comapny name, etc on them...anyone tried that, if so let me know how that went.

    Thanks alot in advance
  2. AK Lawn

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    Make it easy on your self, go to the local paper and have thier designer design one up for ya, they are doing it for me and i got my proof the other day it is great, i am having them deliver 8,000 of them and all it costs me is 65. cents a flyer, wheter they design and print, or they do all and deliver, cheap advertising, they go out next friday so only time will tell hoping for a .25% return 20 clients, hopefully more, you can also just go into word or a processing program and just start designing, good luck
    AK Lawn
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  4. RWADesigner2

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    Thanks for the link..your flyer looks really good!

    The more i checked into will be pretty expensive to get stuff personalized like notepads..bags..etc.

    Kepp the information Comin'..i can use all the help I can get

  5. wayne volz

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    When it comes to flyers, let me respond. We have been using many different forms of flyers since 1979. A realistic expectation on return is 1% of the total passed out.

    Not that you do not understand, but that is for every 100 passed out you will get 1 call. You can do the math. Some will do better than others based on timing. Timing is everything. We follow the flyer up with another flyer approximately 7 days later. Any questions, feel free to call me at 800-845-0499. Have a profitable day!

    Good luck!


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