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    I am new to the indusry and need a few tips regarding flyers. My questions are as follows:

    1) Do you make your own flyer or have an outside source design/make them?
    2) Do you use full page flyers or half page?
    3) What do you prefer: Door hangers or flyers? Do you see a larger ROI using one over the other?
    4) If you do make your own where do you print them and how many do you make? (I know office max etc. charges 5-10 cents a copy which can add up fast)
    5) I am looking to earn a little extra money. I want to get about 15 yards in all. In your opinion, how many flyers should I pass out. I was told for every 10,000 flyers, you can expect (on avg.) about 20 yards. Does this seem accurate?
    6) What type of neighborhood do you advertise in? ie based on avg. home prices? Most expensive houses in the area, middle, lower middle, etc.?

    Any other advice you have I would greatly appreciate. I am going tomorrow or mon. to file all my paper work. Thanks in advance.

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