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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by TimmayB4, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. TimmayB4

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    I live in Memphis Tn and have been in the biz for over 3 years now, i have more help this year and I am thinking of passing out about 10,000 flyers. My questions are How many customers can I expect off those flyers and then when does everyone think is the best time to pass them out. Thanks for the responses
  2. Wells

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    Depending on your location and the saturation rate of LCOs in your area you can expect between 1% to 4% return rate but the "average" is more along the lines of 2%. So for every 500 flyers you distribute you should expect around 10 calls.
  3. fparella

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    I hear you T...the last thing any of us need in a forum like this is to be insulted when all we really want is some advise. Having said that I think it would depend, to a large extent, on the quality of your flyer, the particulars of your market etc. but I have used them in the past and had limited results. I've done as well with homemade ones as I have expensive personalized direct mail pieces. Good Luck and I would be curious to hear back how you make out.:drinkup:

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    I set up my advertising last week 40,000 flyers & business size card ad in local weekly paper. The fun starts next week hoping to get another crew on the streets.
  5. Weekes

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    Honestly I think bohiaa was kidding. But hey any........ I find that my percentage is 1-2%, but increases when I focus around the houses I already take care of. They start to recognize name and such and can ask their neighbor about you.

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