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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by MOOSE, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. MOOSE

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    For those wanting to know what kind of results can be expected. We passed out 800 on March 6th. out of those 800, 8 calls and landed all 8. Did 1050 March 8th and recieved 6 calls landed 4 jobs. March 9th before we even put out 1 flyer, we recieved 2 calls and landed both. While we were out 2 more calls and 3 calls that evening and landed 4 of those on March 9th. March 9th we passed out 850 flyers. So far it's been great.

    We passed out 2700 flyers and landed 18 jobs so far. Well I shouldn't say I passed out any cuz I'm out of town and my guys are doing the flyers, I'm taking calls. All jobs are from 5000 sq. feet lawns to 8000 sq. ft.
  2. GreenN'Clean

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    I've never had much luck with flyers but some people have. I guess its the location for the people who have had luck with them
  3. thefed

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    yeah, wtf. i couldnt be happier than to get those results!

    so far, to be fair, we passd out 1500 and got 2 calls, gave 2 estimates, and neither has given an answer yet. 800 on mar6, 700 mar 9

    We did another 1800 today and there were, at times, 4 other lawn care fliers in the mailboxes...boooo
  4. B&D Lawn Care

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    Well can't you be courteous enough to take out the garbage? If there isn't enough room for your's then ya gotta make some. Hell those may even be from last year.
  5. thefed

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    from Ohio
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    lol...i thought about it, but that just aint right. i'll get our fair share of customers .

    one of the flyers was my partner's old boss....the one who taught him everything...i thought that was kinda ironic...the reason my buddy quit and came to work for me in a different field is his boss refused to advertise or take on new accounts..a nd whittled down from 130 accts to 30 in 2 years!
  6. richallseasons

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    These sound like very good results, are you targeting certain ares and or customers or are you just passing them out to random people?are you priced in a highly competitive market or do you feel that your quotes are respectable?
  7. MOOSE

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    Most are neighborhoods we have clients in and flyered many times before and some are new neighborhoods right near jobs we do but have never put flyers at. Very Competitive area.
    My prices are $1 or $2 within my competition. Usually if someone is questionable on the phone I ask what they did not like about there service the year before. Some do things differently. I edge walk,drives & curbs as most guys don't.
  8. suprman9019er

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    MOOSE im located somewhere near you i'm just wondering what is the name of your lawn care company?
  9. ozd12005

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    I look forward to the day when I see another lawn care company putting up flyers and taking mine down, It would be a free meal for them as I would get out of my truck and make em eat every single one

    Depending which neighborhood I start in sometimes I'm first and sometimes other companys got there before me.Either way I'm not hurting for new business that I would tear theres down. Heck since they dont take the time to secure the flyers most of the are on the ground anyway
  10. James Theodore

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    Lets get a look at that flyer!

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