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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by anc4269, Mar 1, 2005.

  1. anc4269

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    Hey guys, trying to get started this year full-time in the Jacksonville(Westside & Argyle)/Orange Park/Green Cove Springs area. I've produced a flyer(...actually, i think it may have started as a downloadable "template" from a fellow member on this website, but it happened months ago and I'm sorry I don't remember who originally produced it( goes to you, whoever you are, nonetheless); and also I've modified it to suit my needs). Anyway I was wondering if I could get some opinions on it. Unfortunately my budget is extremely low and I can't afford a professional print job( PC printer's all I got). Your thoughts and ideas(...and criticisms) would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance

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  2. twins_lawn_care

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    Something you could think about is making it black and white, and printing it on a bright colored paper which you can buy at Office Depot, or any supply store. then you'd be only printing black ink on your pc printer saving money.

    also, I'd try to bold more of your offers with the text. try some other options, fonts, try a bunch of different designs, then set them side by side to see how they actually look, and see what you like. I made up one real quick, as an example, on how just changing a few things can make an impact... all this simply printing black on a colored paper
    (sorry, the white text will actually be the background color also, but you get the idea)

    luther ad.jpg
  3. anc4269

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    Hey Twins Lawn Care, thanks for the reply. ...I actually like the redesign you did to my flyer! Looks a lot more catchy. :) ...any way possible i could use it with your permission?
  4. lawnboy33

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    Well Lawncare is two words Lawn Care and You shouldn't call it lawn care anyway unless you plan on treating lawns. You should change it to maintenance. Many people on here call themselves a lawn care company but they are NOT! Lawn care is treatment of lawns period. Other than that I think it will do for your first flyer. Maybe add a coupon this will get people's attention
  5. andersonmowing23

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    I really like that. That is probably the best flyer that I have seen on here that someone has had to make by themselves. Good design. If you want to try somthing else you can look at the gopher site he has some really good templetes. Good start. Keep us posted on how many calls ya get.
  6. twins_lawn_care

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    Hey anc4269,
    send me a PM with your email in it, and I can send you the JPEG file so you can print it on your own. No problem with you using it, least I could do for all the help I have gotten here on Lawnsite. That's whst it is about here, people learning and helping each other out.

    Let me know if you want any changes to it before I send it, like some of the comments above, or if you just want it as is.
  7. andersonmowing23

    andersonmowing23 LawnSite Member
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    Twins Lawn Care, I was wondering How you did that last flyer. How did you get the darkened boxes and stuff. I really like the way that looks, I am considering trying to do a flyer like that for myself. Really like the half page Idea to, really keeps it simple.
  8. Team Gopher

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    Hi anc4269,

    Twins did a great job helping you out there. I think it looks good. If I could add an idea it would be to include a coupon to get the potential customer to call you by a certain date to get 10% off a service. That would make them want to jump on the opportunity rather than waiting.

    You can see that idea in some of our free flyer templates from here.
  9. tiedeman

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    nice job in helping out Twins
  10. twins_lawn_care

    twins_lawn_care LawnSite Senior Member
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    In Microsoft Publisher (which is what I used) you can just insert a text box, and choose to fill it with a solid color (so black) and have the working transparent (no fill) this leaves the color of the paper to come through.
    there's lots of little things in it I am learning by just messing around with it, and actually I enjoy doing it. It's nice to be creative on your own, as you can always set yourself apart. plus, by being able to basically design, and print things the same day as I am doing, I avoid paying any outrageous rush charges if I ever want anything printed for a special occasion, or spur of the moment idea.

    I'd suggest just messing with all kinds of stuff on there, and if possible, taking a class on it, or some other graphic design type program if you want to save money down the road.

    the old Carnegie model... own the lawn business, and the marketing business and you are never paying anyone else!

    send me a message if you want me to work up something for you. still cold here, won't have much time once the season is underway!

    you can do all kinds of things with MS Publisher, here's one of our examples. I can change the coupon every week if I wanted, all with no charge to me for artwork. good luck with it

    picture card take 36 low.jpg

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