Flyer Revisions: Comments Wanted!

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by walker-talker, Dec 27, 2004.

  1. walker-talker

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    As many of you know, I started a poll a few weeks ago asking for opinions on my flyers. Here is a link to the orginal thread

    Since that thread, I have had yet another entry (with the advice of Soupy, demanding to see new entries :waving: ) and a couple revisions of another one. I would like to you guys to take a look at them and tell me what you think. I will be submitting my final decision soon, but I would like to hear the input of others before I do. The attatched pic is a new entry and has only uploaded the cover of the two-sided flyer. The second two pics the front and back on another flyer, but the same artist as another flyer in the previous thread. If nothing else, I like to show these to some of the newbies to see what a professional flyer should or can look like.

  2. walker-talker

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    The front side of another flyer by one of the same artist.

    progressive des2 copy[1].jpg
  3. walker-talker

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    I really like that heading "3 FREE MOWINGS" and here is the back side of that flyer. Note, it is in landscape mode.

    progressive des 2s2 copy[1].jpg
  4. Dman1214

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    your 2nd flyer "3 free mowings" - are your 2 offers for 12k of fertilization bigtime lost leaders? Because at those prices your will loose your ass!
  5. walker-talker

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    Those coupons will be revised with some text. At those prices that will pay for the material and that's it. The coupons will be only rewarded with a paid scalping, which on average cost about $150-$300 and will be required to be booked in the month of March. This is in efforts to prevent sping scalping to not be overlapped with seasonal mowing.
  6. Triple R

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    Be sure to add a foot note , such as *some restrictions may apply, other wise you may find yourself in a legal jam. I tried the free mowing thing over 10 years ago and didn't get much of a response, looking back now I just don't think it sounded very professional. What I now offer is some seasonal flowers installed as a "promotional offer" for signing up for a minimum of 4 months. I still think the third flyer on you original post is the way to go. One last thing, I also used to list many of the services I provide until another lco told me that people don't read it because they loose interest quickly. I now have "landscape services" Incorporated into my logo and only list 4 of my primary services and add "& more" after the last listed service. Your web site is probably a better place to go into more detail about your services. I would probably put more emphasis on promoting your web site than listing your services on the flyer. just my 2 cents
  7. drsogr

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    Here are my opinions....take them as you will.

    I think the first ad looks boring and doesn't grab my attenion at all. There isn't much color, and the 2nd house doesn't look like a house that is in our area. It also has a different name listed matt walker instead of matt uhrich.

    I think the 2nd ad had the best looking house, but the ad has too much going on. I think you have too many specials going on there. Most people just want their yard mowed, they don't want to read the details about special offers. It reminds me of an ad in the pennypower, especially with the oversized "3".

    The like the 3rd ad the most, the layout that is. I think the layout on that one is great, I would suggest switching out house pictures, as the 3rd houses yard doesn't look like it is freshly mowed. Quite truthfully a 5 percent discount doesn't exactly make me want to call right away! Maybe switch this to a dollar amount?

    BTW all the ads look great, but I just figured I would throw out my opinion since I am sure you want the best product you can throw out. All that being said these are some of the best ads I have seen on here!
  8. walker-talker

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    Greenfrog...yes, I will add that "restrictions apply" clause, with one or two other clauses that need to be "new customers only" will be one to a couple of the coupons.

    Drsogr, I am not sure why he put Matt Walker instead of my real name, but I can only guess for protection purposes???? You are right about the pics of the houses, but I guarantee those house are much more eye appealing than most the houses that I service....haha. I doubt they would like to see an $75,000 house with half fescue and 1/2 bermuda with a large mix of dandelions and henbit. I agree...5% isn't much, but I really want to push my chem apps this year and get a boost of early income from prepays. I could offer a free app with every new sign-on. Of course it would have to be the last app, but then again if they were pre-paying on top of that, it wouldn't matter much. I am too leaning towards the 3rd flyer, but would like to see that "3 FREE MOWINGS" as a headline on that flyer. I asked the artist of that flyer to do that to see what it looks like. I think once I grab their attention, they will read further. I posted that I will make a decision by the end of the week. Thanks for the input guys.
  9. o-so-n-so

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    The "3 Free Mowings" flyer is solid. Maybe enhance the pre-pay savings a bit if your goal is to get those on the books early.

    I like............looks very pro-ish.
  10. Lux Lawn

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    As usual you had your artist come up with some good looking flyers again they alll look good and will bring in new work for you.The 3 free mowings really stands out because of the offer and the bright yellow around it.

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