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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mcw615, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. mcw615

    mcw615 LawnSite Senior Member
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    Had our web designer create a very nice professional 8.5x11 advertisement.

    Got a quote to print on nice glossy paper full color $442 for 1000 prints.

    Thinking of going from 8.5x11 to 4.25x5.5 and getting two prints off one sheet. Do you think it would still be as catchy? You can still read the words, thinking try the full print have my sales guy pass them out and varying on results on whether or not to cut the sheet in half to get double or not...

    Opinions/experience on flyer sizes?
  2. Glenn Lawn Care

    Glenn Lawn Care LawnSite Silver Member
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    thats a little spendy IMO. i got 5000 8.5x11.5 flyer witha nice glossy print from for $220.
  3. mcw615

    mcw615 LawnSite Senior Member
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    Wow, they do have much better prices. I am considering door hangers, maybe.

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