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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by 2 man crew, Feb 14, 2002.

  1. 2 man crew

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    There has been allot of talk about flyers and door hangers. I remember seeing flag hangers in a printers brochure a while back. I was wondering if any one has used the flag hangers that attach to the red flag on mailboxes? I did call the post office and they said it was illegal to attach anything to a mailbox? My question is if any one has done this with out getting in trouble? Or is this an uninforced law? I was also thinking about getting printed Post-It notes and sticking them right to the front of the mailbox.
    The reason I want to do this is you could cover huge areas in one day. With the Post-It notes on the mailbox you would get the same response as a door hanger or a direct mailing. Currently we put our flyers in the paper box. We get ok results but I think allot of them get tossed with all the other news papers and flyers.
  2. Randy Scott

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    It's not worth it to me to test and see if they enforce the law or not. They told you it was illegal so why would you even want to attempt it. I would bet you that before the mailman came through and finished one neighborhood street you would have a call from them. I wouldn't recommend even touching the mailbox, it's your call though.
  3. stslawncare

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    besides post its are very small and unprofessional looking
  4. roscioli

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    Dont bother. Think about this: You spend $100 and 3 hours putting out fliers, then at then end of the day say to yourself "hmmm... i wonder if the mailman came after me and took all the fliers i just put up". I put a sign on my OWN mailbox recently for parking in my yard during a festival... the mailman came by and took it. Didnt say anything, just took the thing right in front of me. You will never be sure that any of the customers got the fliers... I would say thats not a cool thing.
  5. Blk94fiveOh

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    I've placed rolled-up flyers on mail box flags with very good results. I havn't had a problem with the mail man taking them down, but if you're worried about it, you could pass them out in the afternoon, when you have a better chance that the mail man has already made his rounds. Or you could follow the mailman (a block back or so :) ) and place them directly in the mailbox. Face up, so its the first thing they see. I wouldn't do this, but I know someone who does with good results.

  6. walker-talker

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    I would not recommend even touching another's mailbox. Somone might need one of your services now or later and you might be rembered as the one that tampered with their mailbox. It might be more work and take more time, but I would recommend door hangers or fliers.


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