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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by dynogt16, Mar 4, 2013.

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    I'm looking at two sub-divisions. Pretty close together. Question is Where is the best place to buy flyers or Door hangers? Which would you use? I looked into direct mailers that's expensive. When I have two legs and feet to go talk to people face to face. Makes sense to go door to door. Ideas and Comments welcome.
  2. georgialawn88

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    Messages: 1,075 my friend. new customers get free shipping. order a lot your first time its all free shipping. great deals
  3. dynogt16

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    Thanks and yea I got our business cards from them.
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  4. Hidden Talents Lawn Care

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    I know this is an old thread but I thought maybe some more people would be interested in knowing this information. Vista Print so far has been excellent in supplying me with a lot of materials such as Business Cards, Shirts, Brochures and flyers. Unfortunately they do not have door hangers though. I was forced to find those somewhere else which led me to a place called "". I came across a deal for 5000 door hangers for $199 plus $54 shipping. This was the worst experience I have had with a company in a long time. I designed the door hanger I wanted, approved the order, paid for the order and waited.
    They said that the order would take 3 to 5 business days to produce, and then another 3-5 business days for delivery. 8 business days after I placed the order, I hadn't heard from them so I got nervous and e-mailed them. They were pretty good so far, they produced a tracking number and they actually arrived a couple days later.
    Problem was, the colors were very crappy. It appeared as though I printed these on my inkjet printer at home and ran out of ink at the beginning of the printing process. The bright blues for the border and some of the text were so faded that it almost appeared kind of purple and the bright red text to get peoples attention looked like a faded burgundy.
    These things looked so unprofessional that there is no way I can distribute them. I am sitting on 5000 pieces of toilet paper. Oh yeah, the paper for these door hangers are so thin that it actually could be used as toilet paper and probably be softer than some brands I've used.
    If your looking for something cheap, and not very professional looking, I would recommend If you want quality, look elsewhere, I know I am.
  5. cpllawncare

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    I just ordered some door hangers from adaeus they seem decent nothing special.but it was my own design, I'm definitely not a good door hanger designer LOL, but they are expensive for something that most of them will get thrown away.
  6. Exact Rototilling

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    What was your break down costs per copy, size of hanger, bandit and or stick it features? 2 sided, UV coating.

    Turn around time? Shipping time? The closer we get to Spring. The stick-it and band-it feature is a knockout advantage.
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  7. TuffTurfLawnCare

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    I just got my first order of postcards from and I am very impressed with everything. The turn around time was great and the finished product looks fantastic. The print quality is great! Its so good that I'm pretty sure I'm gonna stop using vista print all together. I am going to redesign my business cards and have gotprint print them. plus their prices are hard to beat.
  8. newguy123

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  9. StihlBR600

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    Adeas printing is the best. I get doorhangers from them every year. They are always on time, bit expensive but their designers do an amazing job
  10. bohiaa

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    TRY to keep your business LOCAL.....

    look for a local printer, you will find one.

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