Flyer, what do you all think of this

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by waterboy1, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. ubirajara83

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    Very well written. Would make it a easier font to read and bigger but over all it looks very nniiccee

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    The last 2 are much better than the first 2...I like the message you send on the last one, but I like the overall look of the one before it better.
  3. grassnazi1

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    I like the flyer, but I have to agree with Wells above. It doesnt give the reader a reason to choose you. You are advertising yourself as something YOU pride yourself in. They dont know you from Adam so you need to first give them a reason to pick you. You also need to solve a problem for them, what I mean by this is I would remove your business name from the top, it means nothing to them. What should be there is an answer to there problem like..... "You work hard all week....why work hard all weekend too?" Let blahblahblah take care of all your lawn cae needs..... then list your services, then list what you pride yourself on and then lastly place your business name and contact info. If i personally recieved your flyer on my door, it wouuldnt move me to call you. It looks good, but it doesnt catch my attention.....The goal is to get new customers, so give them what they are looking for. A coupon wouldnt be a bad idea here either. Hope this helps, again, not saying your flyer sucks, just saying I would fine tune it a little...
  4. PORTER 05

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    must say the last one looks pritty good,

    BUUUT put pull tabs at the bottom with youre buisness name and phone # , i started doing this and got so many more call,s i just dont thinki people care anough to wright the # down, if theres a pull-tab they can tear it off, and there good to go, trust me, it works much BETTER!
  5. DJ Contracting

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    Jaso this is what I'm going to do with in the next couple of Weeks seeing how there is still snow on the ground.
    1. Design the flier as you did (saves cost)
    2. Have a local professional print store print 5000 copies
    (or what ever amount)
    3. Have our local news paper insert them into their circulation $27.00
    per thousand (min. 5000) is what they charge here.

    I don't know if this will help but it seems to work here, good luck.
  6. get rich

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    I myself wouldn't mail out a folded paper flyer. I would door hang em, inserted into door hanger bags. I would mail out tri-fold brochures. They are easy to design in MS publisher. A little pricey on the paper , but a whole lot more professional looking. I print them myself at home during down time in the winter then do bulk mailing to certain zip codes in my area. If you'd like i could maybe post an example and really give you a break down on time and cost of doing them myself. But i think the flyer you did looks great. Look into kinko's or office depot for bulk printing. Good luck this spring.
  7. Runner

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    Man,...what a great flyer. Take Five-O boy's suggestion, though.
  8. waterboy1

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    from AL
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    I kinda mixed two together here, tell me what you think. Yes, I know the top and bottom are different, trying to decide what looks the best. This is the first time trying to do a flyer. So, I'm trying different options.

    One other thing, would you just have these copied or would you have them printed. I will be mailing these out if that helps.

    Thanks to all that has responded.

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  9. echeandia

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    Let me get this straight. If I sign a contract for $1500 (30 cuts for $50 each) you are going to give me a whopping $7.50 discount? That's not an incentive, it's an insult. Would you jump at that deal if someone offered it to you?
  10. howardsells2000

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    I don't believe you have a flyer that helps you generate 10 - 20 new customers everyday you put them out or that Lawnsite would ban you for saying so. I think you were a little harsh. I'm still learning, not an expert but I think his flyer looks pretty good.

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