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    Got a flyer on the mailbox today. "Front and backyard irrigation system $2000. Average lot size in the neighborhood is .75 acre. I'm constantly amazed at what people will do work for. I recently qouted one of my neighbors "front yard only" at $3200. Maybe I should let him do it. I can sit at home and lose money ( and not have to work nearly as hard at it) :dizzy:
  2. DeepRoots

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    i know the feeling.

    did a job a few years ago.
    100heads (pgps) no drip, no misters, 3hp pump.

    one guy bid $2200, another guy bid $16,000
    I bid $8500 (the yard was a square field with zero obstacles and no grass, as such I did it in 3 1/2days)

    I ended up with the job... but geez, how could the guy bid $2200 when my materials cost twice that or more.
  3. Flow Control

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    That sounds par for Michigan pricing:hammerhead:

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    Pricing around here for .5 acre is around $2800.
    For me it's tough to justify stopping the truck for less than $3500.
    On my installs materials run about $1100 on a typical residential.
    Usually about 8 -10 zones (depending on flower beds which are watered seperately)
    2-2 1/2 days labor

    Yeah I suppose I could toss 4 rotors in the front, 6 in the back and 3 sprays on each side. I just can't figure out how to design a system that's a POS. I guess I just need more experience so I can compete. What do you think?
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    Always a bottom-feeder hanging around somewhere. And if the owner decides to go with them, I "shake the dust from my feet" as I leave. No sense in trying to convince the price-shoppers. I had a bid out for a 10 zone system, 35 or so rotor heads and about 30 heads for the beds - Price was $10500.00 The next bid was at $8900.00. They wanted to know if I would match the other price because they would rather have us do the job. I told them we would be more than happy to do their job, and we would get right on it at the next opening we had. And the price would still be $10500.00. They were shocked that I would pass up the opportunity to work on their property. Another factor that they felt would sway me was the fact that our landscape department was doing the complete landscape package. The LA and Construction dept. said not to bother lowering the price. So we didn't do the job. And they have mentioned to the LA that there are some regrets at having taken the low bid on irrigation. Go figure.

    Just sold a residential job - 14 zones, 62 rotors, no beds, no pump, all pullable areas. Total price - $13500.00. And the owner said, after signing the contract, "I was thinking that it would have been more."
  6. londonrain

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    Sad but true, a job like that would only be about $7000.00 in my area.
  7. Wet_Boots

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    Yeah, but you get to work a longer season down there, and usually with trenchers instead of plows.
  8. londonrain

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    That is true and we are still getting service calls for repair work.
  9. Dirty Water

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    Price what the market will bear and the bottom feeders will weed themselves out.

    Jerry, Since your in Wisconsin now, are you plowing?

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    A $100.00 to $135.00 a rotor $55.00 to $75.00 a spray drip goes $400.00 to $500.00 all depending on area,plus extra's pump and all other option's,plus on pumps 35%.If you see me working in a yard I'm getting paid no short cuts.

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