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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by lildog132, Apr 10, 2005.

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    When I was 16 and younger I used to put my age on the fliers and I think that attracted customers more because they thought they would help out a neighborhood kid but now since I'm 18, I think it is stupid to put my age down and now when I pass out fliers, no one calls. I've passed out 700 fliers the last two days and have only gotten one call :realmad: What are some things that attract customers? Any examples of some fliers you guys have used out there?
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    Instead of putting your age on....How about what year you have been in business for. Ie, Est. 1996 I think thats what it is.

    William Jordan
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    I don’t bother passing flyers out, I have pull-tab flyers, I put one in the pharmacy, and one in the realtors office, haven’t gotten any calls from the realtors office, but I get a lot from the pharmacy. I’ve gotten about 6 new customers from that alone, it works great, I have to go down their and replace the sign almost every week, its crazy. She also put the sign in a great location, so people have to look at it when they are getting their prescriptions. Plus the owners are one of my customers :drinkup:

    Good luck

    Oh Yea, make you flyers colorful and eye catching. Make it business oriented, don’t say how old you are.
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    i put out 1200 flyers and got 18 calls now, the flyers went out 4 weeks ago....... i insert mine in a local paper at a small fee, seems they have been saving them and calling when they are ready....
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    Hi lildog132,

    Did you see any of these?

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