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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by LakeSide Lawn and Landscape, Oct 29, 2002.

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    Which one has given you guys the most business?Passing out 10,000 flyers or mailing out information?Also what kind of responce should i look for if i would pass out 10,000 flyers???THANKS :confused:
  2. Both work for me.
    1% response is good
    2-3% is doing great
    lots of factors determine response you will get
  3. JimLewis

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    See below. (Posted twice)
  4. JimLewis

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    We've always had much better response with flyers than mailers. Mailers produced only marginal success this year and I doubt I'll do it again. Further, they were 3 times as expensive as our flyers are. So, per dollar, mailers were a LOT worse.

    Your success will depend on the time of the year you lay the flyers. If I laid 10,000 flyers this time of year, I'd be lucky to get 10-20 calls. But If I laid 10K flyers in April or May, I'd have more calls than I could possibly handle (200-300 calls I bet.) During the summer or late summer I'd maybe get 40-50 calls per 10K. Of course, that's just for my area. YMMV.

    Flyers is really the best ROI of any kind of marketing. You can't beat it. But the challenge is nobody likes passing out 10K flyers. Especially in hilly areas (and that's where all the nice homes are in our area).
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    It is very hard for me to pass out flyers. Not physically, I dont mind the walking. Its just getting the courage to walk up and even hang them on doors or under the mat. I know it sounds easy, but I get very nervous. I had 1000 flyers printed for fall, and Ive probably only handed out about 300. Anyone else have a hard time with this? If there is a car in the driveway or if the garage is up, I usually skip it. Ive never had over a 2% or 3% return rate. This last spring and summer, I did however pass out about 700 cards, about half of those door to door. I have found out that the best form of advertising is referrals (word of mouth).
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    hey greenman, I'm glad I'm not the only one with this problem! LOL!
    I also had flyers made up this past spring and didn't hand too many out. I'll get them out next spring (even if I have to pay someone!).

    Anyway back to original post. Although I haven't really looked into direct mailing too much, I'm partial to the idea of flyers. For one I can target very specific neighborhoods. I can even target just specific houses and skip the ones with dogs or other problems that I don't want to deal with. Also walking the neighborhood gives me a chance to get an idea of the size and layout of the lawns.

    And I for one am more likely to look at a flyer left on my door then I am at a post card that's mixed in with my mail.

    Just my thoughts.
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    Heck ya. It isn't the funnest thing in the world. And I am about as lazy as they come.

    It's nice when you can just afford to have employees do it for you. But I've handed out tens of thousands myself too over the years. Not because I wanted to, mind you. But because we needed the jobs and money. Funny how things like that will motivate you to do things you don't want to do....
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    I've never done direct mailing so I can't comment. I have had good luck with fliers, although I think I should hand out more than I did last year. I only handed out 5-600 and signed a couple yearly contracts and a few small installs. So next year should be good.

    I agree on the nervousness on handing out fliers. I sure was, but after the first house it went pretty quick and was no longer nervous.
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    Thanks for all the replys ill be passing out the flyers around march or april...thanks

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