flyers in bags on driveways with weights

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by colandscaper, Jan 11, 2010.

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    Speaking as a LCO and a homeowner who lives in a subdivision that gets a constant barrage of these ads I absolutely hate it when people dump flyers in bags on my driveway or yard. As far as I am concerned you are dumping your trash in my yard and if I see you I will be glad to tell you that if it happens again I will file a police complaint. On the other hand if someone goes to the trouble of putting a professional flyer or door hanger on my front door I have no problem with that. They don't blow into my yard or create a soggy mess when its raining on the day you pass them out. I will almost always at least read the ones on my door. On the other hand I will ALWAYS throw the driveway littering flyers in the trash immediately. IMO this is a 100% accurate way to tell if a company is run by considerate professionals or by scrubs. Professionals use door hangers or the mail, scrubs trash up your yard or driveway.

    I apologize in advance for offending you guys out there who do the bag thing and you might even get some customers out of it but I would bet you pi** off a lot of people too.
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    I suppose you would charge an add on fee to clean up "flyer-in-a-bag" trash on your clients lawns too

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