Flyers in SE Georgia?

Discussion in 'Network: South' started by zpv30458, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. zpv30458

    zpv30458 LawnSite Member
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    When do you put yours out?
  2. zima

    zima LawnSite Member
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    this last 2 weeks of feb i'm going to put like 2000 flyers and 1000 door hangers;never done it this earlier in the past but this year have to get 20 more customers to fill 2 days of work; i was doing little landscaping installs and irrigation repair work that keep me busy but with this water band many people cancel flower beds,sod,irrigation install and up grades and repair work and thats why i'm going to try to sign 20 more. how is bus in gainsville,my wife parents live there in cleveland.
  3. 82pacecar

    82pacecar LawnSite Member
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    I'm in R.I.....but tonite will be my second weekend of hanging flyers on mailboxes.

    I figure the earlier i get them out there, the better. I'll hit the same areas once a month

    till about mid april. Doesn't hurt to beat out the competition.....Craigslist is already

    getting full of landscapers...hahahaha

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