flyers?? is it absolutely necessary

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by MowJoeLawnCare, Mar 29, 2006.

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    I am brand new in the business and I have got my equipment and everything ready to go. I have 3 accounts so far (though they are my friends its a start)and I began to run adds in 5 of the local papers and still no calls yet....So I am talking to my wife and telling her that I should do the flyer thing and she tells me to wait to use that as the last resort......becaaaause many many people that she talks to and knows detests the fact people come to their door and leave stuff, and they are kinda creeped out that someone was there that close to the house and they didn't know about it, and also there was a murder here recently by some people who were offering services door to door and then they would strong arm their way in the house rob the people and an elderly lady got murdered.....soo my ? is are flyers absolutely necessary? also I am trying to develop a letter to send to all the local realtors. Has anyone done this and if so may see a copy of their draft......
  2. Blade-o-grass

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    In my experience I have found that passing out flyer's is in fact necessary for the following reasons:

    1 It gives you momentum. When you hit the "nobody is calling" slump, you can grab a handful of flyers and do something constructive. It helps me concentrate on the job at hand instead of what is NOT happening.

    2. They actually work. I average at least one call per 100 flyers that I pass out. If after 100 flyers, 99 people were freaked out because a potential kill was so close to there house and only 1 person smiled because they finally got a # from someone who will mow their lawn then it would be worth it all. Focus on the 1 who actually wants what you have to offer.

    What IS necessary is advertising! And however you chose to do that, whether you use flyers of not, people have got to know who you are and what you do. Word of mouth will take you far but before that happens someone must get some information that you cut lawns...and for me personally passing out flyers is absolutely necessary.

    Just last week while passing out flyers I met a lady who was setting on her porch. She was glad to see me because she was wanting someone for her lawn care this year. Before I left I got her lawn, her parents lawn, the next door neighbors lawn, and her brother-in-laws lawn....this doesn't happen every day but it would have never happened if I wasn't out there pounding the pavement........GOOD LUCK!
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    instead of placing them on doors, i use newspaper tubes. that way someone they don't know isn't at their door. just do not make the mistake of attaching them to or inserting them in mailboxes. the fines can be nasty for mailboxes. newspaper carriers will just tell you to stop, no big deal. i try to be considerate having worked for a paper and only do them on mon, tues, thurs, and fri nights as most wednesday and sunday papers are a pain in the a** to deal with when you're a carrier anyway. and if you don't always do it in the same area, most of them won't bother to complain anyway. i have tremendous response from fliers, especially in the middle class neighborhoods. my experience has been that everyone targets the rich folks and they may get several fliers a week. but in the middle class areas, there is not as much competition, at least in my area. i would say do it, cheaper than newspaper ads and very worthwhile. good luck.
  4. Freddy_Kruger

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    Flyers are great imo, they built my window cleaning business, not the Yellow Pages. Flyers and referrals are how I get my customers. I imagine it would be the same in lawn care. (I'm hoping).

    As far as your newspaper ad, if it is exactly like everyone else's ad then they probably aren't doing better. I know this, in window cleaning, there are Hot times to distribute flyers and times where it is a waste of money. I don't know where you live or what "Mo" stands for so I don't know if lawn is in full spring rush or what but if it is GET FLYERS>NOW because I would imagine once the majority of potential customers are scooped up things will be even tougher on you.
  5. B&D Lawn Care

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    Without customers lined up you have to start at the bottom and that includes advertisment of any means necessary that may include flyers. That is how I started my business.
  6. oslo

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    I built my business by door hanging. I haven't done them in a few years, but still have alot left over. The weather has been so terrible here lately, that when Friday came and it was nice out, I decided to grab a bunch of em and go for a walk. I just put them on the lawns that were very flat/no trees/ fences/ mulchbeds, etc... and put a quote right on the doorhanger. Probably did about 50 houses and got 3 calls. 2 signed up and the other one wanted bi-weekly, which I do not offer, and wouldnt go for the weekly.
  7. justanotherlawnguy

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    No, I havent passed out one flyer in 2 years. I did before that and found it to be a complete waste of time..
  8. LandscapeMasterpieceGA

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    I put out my first 300 or so today-wish me luck!
  9. mcwlandscaping

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    I just put out 120, lotta walking just for that, i know i got AT LEAST one lady since i talked to her, most people weren't even home yet. SO hopefully thatll get me SOME more biz. I have many more left to hand out though.
  10. Freddy_Kruger

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    LOL, I pay 4.5 cents per

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