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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by two_planks, Apr 12, 2004.

  1. two_planks

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    After trying many, many different flyers I have finally come up eith one that is working really well. With only 2000 flyers I've had approx 150- 200 calls. Most of them are for power raking and aerating though so any ideas on what to say for more lawn mowing calls would be great.

    Also there is a lot of talk on here about lowballing etc. This flyer I think is proof that you don't have to because the advertised price for aerating is the most expensive in town buy $5 to $10.

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  2. Big M LawnnSnow

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    I can't see it!!!!
  3. mole

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    you have to scroll down it looks pretty good.
  4. Expert Lawns

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    What about making that coupon a little smaller. Then you would have room to maybe put another coupon in there for weekly mowing
    example: 1 free mowing with yearly agreement
  5. two_planks

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    Okay, once my brain starts trying to solve a problem I can't stop thinking till I figure something out. So I came up with this idea at about 3 am. The flyer I posted before is getting a lot of response for power raking and aerating, so while my helper is loading up the equipment I can quickly measure off the yard and look at their trees. Then fill out the attached form and give it to them with their invoice. Think it will get results?

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  6. twins_lawn_care

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    That is a great deal of calls from that little amount of flyers passed out. About a 10% return rate! How many of those calls actually turned into work for you?

    Good job on getting the business, sounds like you'll be able to fill in the market that your area seems to be missing.

    Good luck this year.
  7. two_planks

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    A liitle better than half of those calls turned into buissness of one type or another. About 30% of those that turned into work where from referals, from pwople who had called me off the flyers. Now I just need to get those people signed up on a contract instead of just a one time shot with the power rake and aerator.
  8. charlies

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    just my opinion here....

    how about removing the 'Ph' and putting your area code in parenthesis in its place?

    also how about bulleting your services? maybe try a different font for your listed services.

    make some new ones and put a coupon in for mowing instead of core aeration. start handing those out. you sound pretty busy w/ the c.a. anyway, and it would be nice to start concentrating on your maintenance schedule.
  9. godsey03

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    when i opened it there wasnt anything there. I tried to scroll down but the page was blank. I wouldnt mind seeing the flier though so if you could re post it I would appreciate it.
  10. two_planks

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