flyers under winsheild wipers???

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by ToG, Mar 6, 2003.

  1. ToG

    ToG LawnSite Member
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    ever try putting flyers under wiper blades. is it legal? there's a bunch of 'hot spots' around that i would consider hitting if it seems to be a good idea. just use a photo copy flyer, cheap and dirty cause i'm running low on advertising funds and need to get my name out. i am worried though, about the initial reaction to them. meaning, i not sure i would be thrilled to know someone was messing with my truck. i don't think i would mind the flyer, but i'm not sure about the truck deal. what do you think??
  2. Casey

    Casey LawnSite Member
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    Call your local police department to check, we tried that a few years ago and were told by an officer that we could go back into the parking lot and retrieve our fliers or get ticketed for littering
  3. Kingspointe

    Kingspointe LawnSite Member
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    No don't do it. I've thought of it once and even put a post up about it and it was all negative, lol. I enjoy reading replies from these guys on this site because they do have experience. A few guys said that you could even be sued if you break a wiper or "scratch" someones vehicle. Print some flyers or door hangers and pass them out, you will get plenty of work. Hope this helps!
  4. Heller Landscaping

    Heller Landscaping LawnSite Member
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    The risk is not worth the reward.:D
  5. grshppr

    grshppr LawnSite Senior Member
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    I wouldn't do it. I always hate it when there is a flyer under my wiper and I just take it off and chuck it.
  6. Hud

    Hud LawnSite Member
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    Go with your gut feeling. You aren't going to find too many people, maybe none, who are going to walk out, see a flyer jammed under their wiperblade, and then get an overwhelming desire to do business with you. :mad:

    I think any business you're trying to solicit should be at the source: the homeowner, the residence, the business. To me, flyers under the wiperblades is kind of tacky; well, actually, I think it is totally tacky. Put on your thinking cap: make your flyer or whatever stand out from all the others. Try to think of some way, different from what everybody else is doing, that'll get them to pay attention to you.

    That would be a great new thread, wouldn't it? Everybody suggesting different ways to inexpensively get new customers. The ideas are jumping in my head. Please forgive my enthusiasm. I used to be a very good, excellent salesman. It's in my blood. But I'm a happy groundskeeper now, but still I often think about what I'd do if I had to go out and get new customers.
  7. djsmokin

    djsmokin LawnSite Member
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    First off...welcome to the site. Hud has some great points. I think you should pass on that idea. Besides many of the reasons already given, so many of the cars today have alarms.

    You get about 6 alarms going at your local Walmart and I am sure you will be finding out right on the spot if it's legal.

    Welcome to you too Hud. I think you guys will find the number one form of advertising on this site is door to door flyers. Dj
  8. Hud

    Hud LawnSite Member
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    Thanks Dj. This is such a fabulous website. It sure would've helped my sanity getting through this nightmare of a winter if I'd found this site about 2 or 3 months ago. :dizzy:
  9. MD Land Management

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    Flyers under the wipers= BAD idea, doorhangers they work wonders Now I have to much work from them, they are worth the expense. They even rip off so the customer has a business card size phone number of your company. These seem to work best for me good luck guys.

    MD Landscape Management
    Cherry Hill, NJ
  10. ToG

    ToG LawnSite Member
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    yeah, i've got the door hangers printed a few weeks ago. now i'm waiting for the snow to start melting to get them out. just looking into some alternatives.

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